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It’s Boston!!

Running Got in a 3 miler on Saturday – no running partner still.  It felt good, though.  No lingering soreness from that, so I’m hoping for another 3 miles this evening.  If not tonight, then definitely in the morning.  This … Continue reading

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5 miles down & Amazon Fail!

Amazon Fail Wow.  Ok, I’m editing today’s blog post to add this tidbit of info for you all.  Amazon.com has taken a disastrous step, IMHO.  And apparently my humble opinion is shared throughout the internet – check out the Twitter … Continue reading

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How awesomely fun is THIS?

Yeah, I know, that’s not a real word.  But seriously, this site IS a blast!  :D  You simply most go have some fun at Wordle! You can create one out of your own list of words, or you can have … Continue reading

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Severus Mitts finished!

Wow, being on vacation totally ROCKS!! I’m all done with my matching Severus mitts. I almost can’t wait to get to work so I can wear them! LOL Seriously – I absolutely LOVE them. :) So now I’m working on … Continue reading

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Potions Master – Complete!

Woo HOO!  After much frogging & hair pulling, my Potions Master socks are finally done.  I am very happy with how they turned out, actually.  They were definitely worth the wait in the end.  I tried to chart the main … Continue reading

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Severus Mitts!!

Ugh, it’s miserable out there, even running at 5:45am. I need to get out the door when I first wake up instead of checking in over at Ravelry. Did 4 this morning, they were slow again. *sigh* Must not beat … Continue reading

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Running, Viktor & the new Potions Master pattern

Heading out the door for another 5 miler this morning, wish me luck!. The weather feels perfect for it, from the breeze wafting in through the window. My legs were actually sore from Saturday’s 5 miler, mostly because I did … Continue reading

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