Severus Mitts!!

Ugh, it’s miserable out there, even running at 5:45am. I need to get out the door when I first wake up instead of checking in over at Ravelry. Did 4 this morning, they were slow again. *sigh* Must not beat up on self… the 4 very slow miles are still more than what you were running a month ago.

Still no word yet from the doctor’s office. Unbelievable. Left a message 4 days ago. How insane is that???

Yay, the knitting bug is back!! I’m SO in the mood to knit. I plan to finish up Potions Master in the next week. Next planned project: matching Severus mitts. I’ve got the preliminary pattern already written, I just need to knit them up, take photos & tweak the pattern. WOO HOO! There’s just something about Severus that begs for fingerless gloves.


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3 Responses to Severus Mitts!!

  1. Isis says:

    Mitts ? In June ? In Florida ? You’re bonkers, girl ! Haha !

    No running for me this week… it’s lumbago week (happens every 4 months or so). So even if you did only 4 slow miles… I am sooo envious now !


  2. H3Dakota says:

    LOL – actually, I seriously do need them for work – it’s colder than hell in here with the air conditioning!! ;) I’m sorry you can’t run this week… you’ll be able to get back it next week, yes?


  3. peony67 says:

    Yesss, mitts to go with the socks!!!! Yay. Knowing me, if I start when you are ready with the pattern, I would be ready with the mitts for next Christmas…LOL. The smaller the project, the slower it goes for me…


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