Totally neglecting my blog!

So yeah, I’ve become hooked on Ravelry of late, no time for blogging. LOL It happens to the best of us, I suppose.

Running has been progressing very slowly – I am determined not to push too hard & end up firing up the tendinitis again. Most frustrating, but there ya have it. Seriously considering investing in some “barefoot running” shoes, actually. I’m thinking it just might help, actually.

Knitting has been taking up all my spare time. Interesting bit about knitting… I’d taught myself the very basics years ago, but never finished anything. I just never got comfortable with it then. A very dear friend of mine (thank you, Anett!) convinced me to give it another go this year when I got hooked on making socks (I have several crocheted pairs now). So, at the beginning of February, I taught myself knitting again & finished my first pair. 3 months & 6 pairs of socks later & I’m designing my second pattern for sale on Ravelry!

My first pattern I’ve offered for sale is Severus – I am a huge Harry Potter fan as well as a huge Alan Rickman (a truly amazing actor, so talented!) fan. I couldn’t resist the urge to design these socks – and they turned out much better than I had even imagined. I’m as thrilled as thrilled can be!

Severus front Severus side

If you are a Ravelry user, you can purchase the pattern via Ravelry, the cost is $5.00 USD.

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3 Responses to Totally neglecting my blog!

  1. peony67 says:

    You are very welcome my friend! Pleased to be the push, and the succes on the design front!


  2. Rhiannon says:

    I just found these socks on ravelry and I LOVE them. I will absolutely be buying this pattern, but I may have to wait until I get home because I think they need to be made in black. Thank you!


    • H3Dakota says:

      Awesome ~ I’m so glad that you like them! :) I still wear them every week, they are holding up wonderfully.


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