5 miles down & Amazon Fail!

Amazon Fail

Wow.  Ok, I’m editing today’s blog post to add this tidbit of info for you all.  Amazon.com has taken a disastrous step, IMHO.  And apparently my humble opinion is shared throughout the internet – check out the Twitter search for it – new tweets pop in at an amazing rate.  I wonder if Amazon is going to put on their big person undies & admit to having made a massive mistake?  Or are they going to stick to their guns and go down in flames?  Methinks they will be rescinding this new policy pronto.

Here is a list of books that have had their sales rankings removed by Amazon – it’s continuously growing as people find more books/authors to add to the list.  UNBELIEVABLE.


I hit a couple days when I just didn’t get the drive to run.  I suppose it happens to everyone, but I just have a hard time with it when it happens to ME.  I would guess that everyone feels about the same way.  LOL  So how did I get myself back in the mood to run?  I made myself, of course.  And I downloaded a couple podcasts to give myself some inspiration.  :)

So, out the door we went – since it’s the weekend, I took Leonardo with me.  Decided we’d run 3 and walk one.  My plan changed about a mile into it, though.  We came up on flip flip man, walking.  So we stopped running and walked with him.  We actually walked & chatted for almost a mile & a half.  It was a terrific chat, we covered many topics from running to weight loss to being single.  As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, though I was sad to hear that he’s needed to lighten his daily running lately.

Leonardo & I turned around & jogged back – which was just under 2.5 miles.  He wasn’t ready for that.  We had to take 3 or 4 rest breaks, where he laid down in the shade.  Poor guy – we’ve been home for 15 minutes & he’s still panting heavily.  So I need to keep his runs to 2 miles, 3 at the most.  Even adding in 2 miles of walking to the run is too much for him for now…  see?


So I’m working on a new project – the one that I hinted about in a previous post here.  I’ve got most of it designed in my head, with one last thing I’m trying to sort out.  I also have the yarn en route – this project is a joint project that I am SO excited about!   I’m not going to  go into too many details, but I will say that it is a project involving a dog loving friend as well as a sharkie friend.  ;)

In the meantime, I had a sideline project that I’ve finished up my end on for now…  which frees me up to work a bit more on my coin lace stole.  Or maybe the sock yarn blanket.  I haven’t decided, actually.  LOL  I’m kind of thinking it might be the sock yarn blanket, though.  I’ve run into an issue with the stole that has had me a bit frustrated, not sure if it is me or the pattern, actually.  It’s still moving along, but it’s just not feeling quite right.  Maybe I’ll tackle it a bit this evening again.  We’ll see.  LOL

Podcast fun

So I started listening to a few podcasts this past week again.  I had stopped listening to them some time ago, mainly because I was just getting overwhelmed with all the online stuff to try to keep on top of.  :)  I listened to Barknknit’s podcast last week & started getting caught back up on some of the ones I used to listen to.  Now…  I’m not a HUGE fan of listening to knitting podcasts, to be honest.  I’m also not real keen on the various running podcasts either.  Actually – now that I’ve caught up on several different podcasts, I’ve realized that there really aren’t too many podcasts that I really do enjoy.  LOL  Some are just too hokey, with added music, skits or just silly *stuff*.  What have I listened to the past couple days?  These…

Barknknit (of course!  Actually knowing the person makes a podcast much more enjoyable, I think!)
Knitmoregirls – a new one I haven’t listened to yet, actually.  :)
Phedippidations – great running podcast, not one I like to listen to while running, though
The Extra Mile – I actually love listening to this one while I’m runnning
AudioFictions – LOVE this one!  They read Harry Potter fan fiction from Mugglenet Fan Fiction.  I can feed my HP fan fiction addiction & knit more productively than trying to read & knit at the same time.  NOT enough Snape stories, though.  LOL
SpellCast – yeah, the jury is out on this one. I just haven’t decided if I like it or if it annoys me.  Must listen to more to decide.
SnapeCast – well, d’uh!  ROFL!  I’ve got much catching up to do on this one.  But happily, I made my way to some more Snape fan fiction from listening to a couple episodes here.  *grin*  I had listened to one episode a long time ago, but just didn’t get hooked.  But the episodes I just listened to?  LOVED it…  so yeah, will definitely be listening to this one.  :D

Today’s Ravelry Search

Mother’s Day.  Right around the corner.  Not that I’ll be making anything, of course – my mom has been gone for 6 years now.  But for those of you looking for ideas…  some things from today’s search!

* Cotton slippers!  Very nice!!

* Cotton slippers! Very nice!!

This is really cute!  You can do so many things to dress it up, too.

This is really cute! You can do so many things to dress it up, too.

This is actually a Mother Earth scarf - but its very lovely!

This is actually a Mother Earth scarf - but it's very lovely!

I really love this!

I really love this!

This is SO nice!!  I havent seen this one before.  :)

This is SO nice!! I haven't seen this one before. :)

Very cute socks!!  Very cute!

Very cute socks!! Very cute!

Adorable for Moms with daughters!  :)

Adorable for Moms with daughters! :)

* Mothers Day tea cozy!!  :)

* Mother's Day tea cozy!! :)

* Very pretty scarf from Grumperina!

* Very pretty scarf from Grumperina!

* Rose bath pouf - very pretty!

* Rose bath pouf - very pretty!

From my fellow RR, cablefreak - GORGEOUS!

From my fellow RR, cablefreak - GORGEOUS!

* What a wonderful doily for a cat lover!  :)

* What a wonderful doily for a cat lover! :)

* Free pattern

Happy Sunday, all!

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