Severus Mitts finished!

Wow, being on vacation totally ROCKS!! I’m all done with my matching Severus mitts. I almost can’t wait to get to work so I can wear them! LOL Seriously – I absolutely LOVE them. :)

So now I’m working on new socks for myself… these are going to be Tonks. I have a fantastic colorway from Wooly Booger Yarns, it’s called Gothelberry – it is just downright perfect for Tonks! I am just as excited about these, I think, as I was over the fingerless gloves. he he he

So today, the boys & I went up to a local park… ran a mile down the trail to the “workout” pit… you know them, those circuits in parks that have pullup bars, monkey bars, parallel bars, benches for situps & pushups, etc.? Anyway, we ran the mile to the pit, did a couple really fast circuits, then ran the mile back to the car. I felt very proud that despite my total lack of fitness due to being away from running so much, I completely beat my boys back to the car. In all fairness, that was because the 15 yr old was such a good kid, he kept going back to get his 13 yr old brother moving. *smile* We had done the same routine on Monday, but spent an extra hour there doing circuits. Today was rushed because we were trying to beat the thunderstorm that was rumbling all around us. I got just a bit of it, but the boys were soaked by the time they got to the car. LOL

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3 Responses to Severus Mitts finished!

  1. peony67 says:

    Girl, these mitts are just perfect!!! Yayyy, please gimme the pattern, so I can make them…pretty please!!!


  2. Isis says:

    These mitts look great !
    Thunderstorms here too. I’ve just been gardening lately to keep fit… and carrying laundry baskets, LOL !


  3. H3Dakota says:

    Oooh, Anett – it’s all yours, hon! :D

    Kim, I hear ya… though there is something to be said for having teenage boys, as I make them do the laundry now. he he he


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