How awesomely fun is THIS?

Yeah, I know, that’s not a real word.  But seriously, this site IS a blast!  :D  You simply most go have some fun at Wordle!

You can create one out of your own list of words, or you can have it create one for you from your blog or other RSS feed. I am LOVING this site!! :D Here’s mine from my blog… hmmm, methinks I blog too much about work & not enough about running! LOL

Oooh, the fun one can have with this!! Check out my fave character…  this one you can see the large size by clicking it (all the others will take you to the website).

Man, I’ve spent so much time on this site… he he he

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3 Responses to How awesomely fun is THIS?

  1. Natalie says:

    I did that too for my blog and mypodcast page. :) It’s very fun!!


  2. H3Dakota says:

    Natalie, I love yours!! :D At least neither has a great big huge “working” in it like mine… ROFL!!


  3. kate says:

    That is so awesome!!! I need to make one too!


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