It’s Boston!!


Got in a 3 miler on Saturday – no running partner still.  It felt good, though.  No lingering soreness from that, so I’m hoping for another 3 miles this evening.  If not tonight, then definitely in the morning.  This morning, I was simply too tired & went back to bed for more much needed sleep.

So it’s the Boston Marathon today!!  I’m so excited – I love watching it.  I’m really glad I work from home on Mondays so I can watch it on TV.  LOL  I’ve got a sick manlet at home who probably will watch it too.


Spent the weekend working on a surprise baby blanket for a friend.  A bunch of us in our knitting group knit/crocheted up squares for it.  I put them together & added the border this weekend, as I got some squares at the last minute.  One of the ladies had some family issues pop up unexpectedly, so didn’t have time to finish hers.  I did up another 4 squares over the weekend & finished up the blanket Sunday – I was a bit late to the shower, but I had a finished blanket in hand, at least!  LOL  It turned out nice, I was really pleased with it.  I think she was happy with it.  :)

So next up, I’m finally able to knit up a swatch for my next project – I need to knit up one to determine if the plan is going to work or not.  I use regular dishcloth cotton and size 6 needles to do this – casting on the same number of stitches needed for one half of the socks.  :)  It turns out to be a swatch that will be of use – once finished, it will make a new dishcloth for the kitchen!

My 2 free sock patterns were added to Knitting Pattern Central this weekend.  Holy guacamole!  My blog has had an amazing number of visits in the past 2 days – over 1600 views in only 2 days!!  These same patterns have been in Ravelry’s database since I posted them here on my blog.  They have not generated that volume of visits in the all the time I’ve had them here.  I am utterly amazed at the impact that KPC has had – I truly had no idea that it was so widely used.  WOW!!

What a workout

So a friend/coworker had a bunch of furniture that he had to get rid of this weekend.  He offered it up for free to anyone interested…  and since the oldest manlet was sleeping on a mattress that had springs poking him in the back all night, I totally took him up on offer!  We had to rent a U-Haul truck for it all, as it was a queen size bedroom suite – with 2 nightstands, headboard/footboard, dresser with mirror.  Plus a brand new couch!  He neglected to mention that his apartment was on the third floor…  LOL!  2 days later, I am still very sore from hauling this incredibly heavy furniture down 3 stories, into the truck, then back out of the truck & into the house.  But it looks gorgeous!!  Here’s the living room…

No pic of the bedroom, but a hysterically funny story!  So in preparation of the new furniture, the oldest manlet cleared out his room.  Took everything out & scrubbed his floors.  Friday night, he laid his comforter & pillows on the floor & slept on that.  LOL

Saturday, he moved his bedding to his brother’s room to clear the way for the new stuff.  He loudly announces “I have the CLEANEST room in the house, you guys have to come see it!” and drags us to his room.  He gestures at his room without looking & says “see?  The cleanest room in the whole house!”  I walk in to a completely empty room…  empty except for a magazine lying on the floor.  I look at it, with the nekkid girl on the cover, burst out laughing and said “No, I think you have the DIRTIEST room in the house”.  He turns around, sees the magazine lying there & started laughing as hard as his brother & I were.  Apparently his father had given him a mag or two out of his collection.  The manlet had it hidden in his pillow – when he gathered up his bedding, it fell out and he didn’t realize it.  I laughed so hard, I was crying.

My other “news”…  I’m doing a Half-Blood Prince read-along with a group on Ravelry that I set up.  It’s been so fun already & we only officially began today!!  :D  We are all so excited about the upcoming movie.  Come join the fun!!  We’ve grown so fast already (65 members already) & I am totally looking forward to it.

The new trailer just came out last week and it is hands down, the BEST one yet!!  If you haven’t seen it, GO – watch & download!  :D  WB has also released screen caps from the trailer – for my fellow SS fans, check out THIS one.  ;)

Today’s Ravelry Search

For today’s search, I chose Boston, of course!  LOL  As always, clicking a picture will take you to the pattern page on Ravelry.

I expect to see more than one Bob patterns, of course!  :D

I expect to see more than one Bob pattern, of course! :D

* SO cute!!!  I love it!

* SO cute (the sweater, too)!!! I love it!

* Cute chemo cap, I love the roll brim.

* Cute chemo cap, I love the roll brim.

* Im not a huge fan of doggie sweaters, but this is a really cute pic.

* I'm not a huge fan of doggie sweaters, but this is a really cute pic.

I like this scarf, its cute!

I like this scarf, it's cute!

Very pretty bit of lace!  :)

Very pretty bit of lace! :)

Bobs Party Socks - show your support for Ravelry!  :D

Bob's Party Socks - show your support for Ravelry! :D

This jacket is really intriguing to me - I love the style.

This jacket is really intriguing to me - I love the style.

* Wavy shawl!  This is a really pretty crocheted shawl - nice to see something a bit different!

* Wavy shawl! This is a really pretty crocheted shawl - nice to see something a bit different!

SO cute!  I love this hoodie!

SO cute! I love this hoodie!

* Free pattern

Happy Monday, all!

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11 Responses to It’s Boston!!

  1. Natalie says:

    Nice new furniture! :) I bet you are glad that is over!

    Thanks for all the work you did on the blanket!! It came out awesome and I’m glad Sheryl liked it!



    • H3Dakota says:

      Sadly, we aren’t done yet! Our plan is to clear out & clean the family room & move the living room stuff into that room. All the workout stuff will then get moved to the living room. We’ll see. LOL!

      I’m really happy that she liked the blanket! :) It was fun!


  2. yay Boston! It’s so exciting it’s like a holiday ’round here! (oh wait… it IS a holiday) I have a soft spot for marathon day, I grew up in Hopkinton, the starting line.

    congrats on the knitting pattern central posts! My customers who have no idea about ravelry visit kpc via search engines and such.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Awesome!! That must be SO exciting to be in the area! PITA traffic-wise, I’m sure, but still exciting! My heart was pounding out of my chest when it looked like Kara might be able to pull off the win. :D

      Oooh, I would be thrilled if the folks finding their way to my patterns happen to make their way to Ravelry via my blog – how awesome would that be?! :D


  3. you have won an award!totter over to my blog to see more!


  4. peony67 says:

    Hehehe, what a funny story…and I will just have to remember, because in a few years it can happen to me as I have a boy and his father has a tendency to hide porn around…(blushing face here)… The living room looks nice and welcoming… I wish I could just sink in that sofa and knit…


  5. peony67 says:

    Umm, I did found magazines in his stuff as well as videotapes, and then later I found his computer was FULL of porn clips…yuck. I just hope my son will not bump into those yet…


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