Potions Master – Complete!

Woo HOO!  After much frogging & hair pulling, my Potions Master socks are finally done.  I am very happy with how they turned out, actually.  They were definitely worth the wait in the end.  I tried to chart the main portion of the pattern, but I’m afraid that it was beyond my charting skills at this point in time.  Other than that one minor issue, I’m very happy with the pattern as well as the socks.

Next up – Severus mitts!  I’ve got the basics of the pattern already written.  Now I need to cast on & begin working on them.  I’m looking forward to them, as I’ve only crocheted fingerless gloves all this time.  I’m really excited about having matching Severus gloves!

Vacation has begun – 2 weeks of relaxing…   YES!  Naturally, there is a 5 day camping trip planned in the middle, but I’ll be bringing along my knitting.  The boys will be swimming in the spring & I’ll be knitting.  he he he

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2 Responses to Potions Master – Complete!

  1. Mandy says:

    Hey Angela!

    I was reading through some of your posts and you really got me motivated to pick up jogging again. I was doing really well until my hubby’s work schedule changed and now I’m slumping around again. I need to get back at it and see how much backsliding I’ve done. I cannot even imagine jogging 4 miles… ONE MILE is a feat for me! lol

    That’s awesome about your knitting! I am not a knitter or sewer… I just have absolutely no talent for it in my body. I’ve tried to learn.. but it is just one of those things I’m no good at. I’d love to see pics of your completed projects!


  2. H3Dakota says:

    {{{Mandy}}} Hey hon, how the heck are ya??? SO good to hear from you! :) Yeah, I’ve been discouraged about running, but determined to get there again.

    Anett got me going on the knitting just this year, so you just never know – you could find yourself doing it some day! I’d tried before, but just couldn’t get the hang of it – now I spend all my spare time knitting. :)

    You can see most of my finished stuff on my flickr page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/h3dakota/.


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