Running, Viktor & the new Potions Master pattern

Heading out the door for another 5 miler this morning, wish me luck!. The weather feels perfect for it, from the breeze wafting in through the window. My legs were actually sore from Saturday’s 5 miler, mostly because I did some sprints. My calves were sore up until today and I refuse to push my legs too hard. I will NOT bring back that damn tendinitis that puts me on the bench for so long!! I am determined!

Poo, that means no treadmill for me – so my runs will have to be around this time (5am) every day, including weekends, before too long. Florida summers are very unpleasant when one attempts a 20 mile run. That was what had me running so much on the treadmill last summer, actually.

Keeping my Viktor sock pattern short, really more of an anklet. The socks will be for my son, and they both really want no show socks for the most part. This one goes up a little higher than they usually like, but I wanted to have more patterning shown for the pictures that will go into the pattern. I am about done with the cuff, but need him to try on the sock before I bind off – hopefully, will be able to get him to do that for me this afternoon. Provided it fits well, tonight will be all about doing my first duplicate stitch to get the Bulgarian Quidditch team logo onto the heel! Woo Hoo!

I’ve also cast on for the next pattern – I just could not resist any longer. “Potions Master” has been calling to me incessantly. At one point, I’d thought to do this one in a series with Severus – complete with the white cuff & buttons. But I decided to give it a go with a Slytherin self-striping yarn for a different look. I might even knit up another in black & add the buttons/cuff… but will have to see how the first one turns out & how I’m doing time-wise.

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