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2014 – A Year of Big Change

2014 was a huge year of change in the Knit Run, Purl Run household. The number one cause of the blogging break was me taking on near full time credit hours at university as I work towards finishing the degree … Continue reading

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Ah, landscaping!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working hard on redoing the landscaping in the front yard. My oldest, the determined beast that he is, ripped out all the old Azaleas & Japanese Boxwood bushes. There were also a … Continue reading

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One Happy Geek

Another Valentine’s Day down & one that turned out pretty damn fantastic.  :)  My geek seemed happy with the gifts I found/made for him & I got a fantastically geeky gift from him that I love to bits (geeky puns, … Continue reading

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Just Because I’m in a Mood

Just Because I’m in a Mood I give you…  dating tips for geeks, part 1! Ok, I admit it, it made me giggle. What can I say? I did warn you that I’m in a mood.  LOL Plus, baby Wil … Continue reading

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A New Year & My Resolution

A New Year & My Resolution Holy disappearing act! I knew it had been a long time since I’d blogged, but I was astounded to discover it has been an entire year. My sincere apologies to all of you, I … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for Geeks

Running Remember how I was fighting a cold before my half marathon?  Yeah.  Acute bronchitis – and it’s had me knocked on my backside ever since.  I’m supposed to be training for my next half marathon, but I get out … Continue reading

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Introducing Howie!

Running I’m heading towards week 3 of no running & I have behaved!  I’ve had 2 visits for therapy & it has done a world of good.  I really think I might be able to start running in another week … Continue reading

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