Just Because I’m in a Mood

Just Because I’m in a Mood

I give you…  dating tips for geeks, part 1!

Ok, I admit it, it made me giggle. What can I say? I did warn you that I’m in a mood.  LOL Plus, baby Wil Wheaton is really funny (now) when he’s not being annoying – and I didn’t even like this series! :D


I did get my feet on the trail yesterday for a nice 3 mile run. As usual, when I’d last checked the temp, it was in the 40’s, so I’d dressed for that. I was overdressed in the end, so I was a wee bit warm on the 2nd half coming back.  :)  Still slow as hell, but it was a bit faster than the last run, so progress – YAY!


  • Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson
    I’m not quite done with this one yet, but I plan to finish it today. Think “50 First Dates”, but without the romance & comedy – replaced with mystery & suspense instead.  :D  I love that the book is told from her POV so that you start to really appreciate what it would really be like to wake up every day & have the past 20 years wiped out of memory – even everything that you’d relearned about them yesterday has to learned all over again. It’s a good read that will keep you interested!

Today’s Ravelry Search

Have fun with today’s selection! Click the photo to go right to the pattern page on Ravelry. None of these are mine, of course.  :)


* The name of this pattern cracks me up every time! LOL


Awww, so cute!


* Have I mentioned my total love for vintage patterns before? I SO need to knit this one, it's awesome!


Another pattern from crochet by faye - I really love her stuff! :)


Very pretty scarf!


* Ok, seriously, I think a post featuring all vintage patterns is around the corner now! :D


This one is found in a Japanese book that appears to be out of print, so I'm not sure how easy it would be find the pattern - but it is really quite cute! :)


* So cute! The top is too. :) Seriously, I love this photo - you all know how I love an excellent photo for projects/patterns!


Another one that might be difficult to find, but worth the effort!


I giggled when I saw that "Wormy Socks" were in the results for my search term, though I see it is due to the suggested yarn. LOL Still, cute pattern!


* Hee! I know someone that would adore her pink hair & matching shoes. :D


* Hmmm, seriously cute purse. I think I might have to make one! And I'm not just saying that because I adore the extra picture on the pattern page on Ravelry that the designer included. Really, I'm not. Well, maybe.

*Free pattern

Happy Date Night, all!  :D




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  1. frizzyhooker says:

    wil wheaton is surprisingly funny and a bit annoying.I agree!


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL! I actually find him usually very funny, but not so much annoying today as he was back then – and to be fair, back then, it was Wesley Crusher that was annoying, not Wil. :D


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