One Happy Geek

Another Valentine’s Day down & one that turned out pretty damn fantastic.  :)  My geek seemed happy with the gifts I found/made for him & I got a fantastically geeky gift from him that I love to bits (geeky puns, FTW).  ♥


I’ve been running again, YAY! Doing my best to get in a workout of some form pretty much every day. I’ve mostly been focusing on wearing my pedometer – I’ve been doing great on beating my goal this past week – though the runs at the end of the workday have gone a long way towards tipping me well over the goal.  LOL


The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King – Ooh, a Sherlock Holmes series?! I love Sherlock Holmes, so I grabbed this one right up, naturally. Boy, did I regret it. It’s not a Sherlock series, but rather a rather sad little series about a teenage American girl showing up Sherlock. The main character is SO Mary Sue that she even saves Watson’s life when Sherlock fails to even consider that his oldest & “dearest” sidekick might be in danger. It reeks of the same UGH factor that Doctor Who has had with Amy Pond constantly one upping the Doctor. Sorry, NO. A teenage girl with no actual life experiences is going to show up her far older & vastly experienced mentor.


So, my geeky Valentine gifts included a knitted QR code & a Louie the Lovebot (a pattern that apparently I love so much, I bought it twice, ROFL)…  my plan for the QR code square is to knit more squares as time goes by & eventually join them together for a blanket.  :)

I am also doing a fairly decent job of knitting down my stash – a project I’m working on with one of my Ravelry groups. I’m tagging all my stashdown projects with “stfuandknit2013” for this project. I’ve gotten these projects done so far, so I’m pretty pleased.  :)  Oh, plus 2 sweaters I haven’t taken pics of yet!


Today’s Ravelry Search

We have one holiday down, time to get ready for the next fun one!  ;)  Remember, none of these are mine, I’m just sharing the joy…

* Holy moly, it’s free! SO beautiful.

* Too pretty & open for a dishcloth, but would look fantastic in your kitchen anyway.

Really love this sweater!

* Ooh, it looks so warm & lovely!

LOL, you all know me & doilies… but isn’t it gorgeous?? :)

* Simple, elegant – LOVE them!

WOW! This hat is truly stunning. ♥

Another lovely hat, this time one for the hookers! ;)

I absolutely love this sweater.

* I don’t see that the pattern is available in English yet, but it is worth trying to sort out! :)

* Rounding out the post with some really beautiful blankets…

♥ Really beautiful.

How could I not include cablefreak’s amazing blanket?! I’ve posted it before & likely will again because I love it so much. :)

* Free pattern

Have a terrific week & whichever hobby you love, be sure to make time for it!

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  1. I love the valentines gifts, they are fantastic!


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    Awesome post.


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