Ah, landscaping!


♥ Too pretty to pass up ♥

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working hard on redoing the landscaping in the front yard. My oldest, the determined beast that he is, ripped out all the old Azaleas & Japanese Boxwood bushes. There were also a good number of Ixora branches that kept popping up through the Boxwoods since I got the house nearly 10 years ago. They have been a constant source of annoyance for me. While I love Azaleas, I have terrible luck with them in that they tend to get really “stickie” – no leaves, just really tall branches. They still bloomed beautifully, but the rest of the year they looked awful. I tried pruning them back, fertilizer, no luck. Darn it.

So, after he ripped everything out, we cleaned out all the roots that we could & the replanting commenced. I went with hibiscus this time, which is a classic Floridian landscaping choice. Some are classic peach & red, but this one from HibisKiss is my favorite – I planted 4 of them.  :D


This version is named “Spin the Bottle”, LOL! I fell in love with the colors & the name was just the icing on the cake. Click the picture to see the full size pic.

I also planted strawberries & a blueberry bush for the oldest – well, for me too, because I love berries!  But I knew how thrilled he would be to have some fruit bearing landscaping.


First blooms on the blueberry bush!


Found this really cool solar light at Home Depot – at night, the balls light up & change colors! It’s really pretty cool.


Still plugging away! Obviously since I’m not posting pictures of my awesome St. Patrick’s Day Halfathon medal, I didn’t make it to the last halfathon this past weekend. But, I think it is better that I didn’t push it – I had a rough week last week where I feared that I pushed it too hard. My hamstrings were killing me, right at the back of my knees – I worried that the 5 miles I logged on a treadmill had done its usual job of giving me an injury. Happily, all seems better now, but in the meantime, I scaled back running a bit, just in case.


Replay by Ken Grimwood – Wow, wow, WOW. I’m terribly sad that this author is no longer with us. I loved this book so much. I like any story that gets me thinking & this one is one of the top of my list for doing that.

Jeff Winston is 43, boring job, failing marriage – overall, just not happy with how his life has turned out. One day he has a heart attack & dies, right there at his desk at work. Only to wake up again in his 18 year old body, in college, with his entire life in front of him again…  and he remembers EVERYTHING that happens in the next 25 years. Would you change your life if that happened to you?  ;)

Do yourself a favor – if you haven’t read it, go find a copy & do so!


I’ve made it to the shoulders of my Devon (sort of) sweater, YAY!  :)

Sneak peek.

Today’s Ravelry Search

I just scrolled through the recent additions to Rav tonight to see what caught my eye or made me smile. Every pattern below is free, enjoy!  :)

Hee! :)

Yeah, you all know how much the various owl patterns get me. ;)

Aw, cute bunny for those celebrating Easter or Spring Equinox.

Super dainty gloves!

♥♥♥ Naturally, I love this one.

Gorgeous feather & fan pattern for the crocheters in the crowd!

Squeee, hedgehog!!

Monty Moo!! Of course this Cheesehead is gonna love cows too. :D

Wow, I really love this scarf.

I love bright & colorful patterns, especially blankets. They are just happy making.

TMNT!!!! ♥

Oooh, tawashi Easter egg! I really like this.

ZOMG, PENGUINS!!! With really cute hats! ^__^

Geek heart melts… BBT inspired – I’ve been loving Amy Farrah Fowler’s afghan since the very first episode it was on. :)

Happy Monday!


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