011110 Geek Synchronicity


So the day after my 4 mile trek in the night, my ankle started twinging a bit.  I ignored it (of course).  I got too busy to get out for a run that day, but fully intended to head out for a run the following day.  Woke up to an ankle that was twinging even more.  *sob*  Yesterday, I wrapped it up & started resting it.  It feels like tendonitis, dammit – and even hurts to wear regular shoes that hit the spot of pain.  The pain is exactly in the spot where the superior peroneal retinaculum joins the bone, as seen in this picture.  I’m not sure what this means for my upcoming half marathon.  It does feel a little better today after being wrapped.  Too many bridge runs, methinks.  *sigh*

011110 Geek Synchronicity

So today is 01/10/10.  30 in binary AND it’s a palindrome here in the States.  It’s a silly happy geek thing, really.  But my silly happy geek day was made 1100100 (that’s 100 for all you non-binary types) times better when the postal carrier arrived with THIS – my geeky gift to myself!

011110 Geek Synchronicity


I’m knitting up a hat right now for Project Cozy, but I also have a couple scarves complete for it as well.  I crocheted up 2 of them over the weekend.  I plan to make a scarf to go with this hat as well.  The manlet is a bit disappointed that there is a delay in his sweater, but he does get that right now there are people suffering in this cold that really need hats & scarves.  He’s a good person at heart, in spite of trying to act like a tough guy.  ;)

Today’s Ravelry Search

So, more fun for today!  ;)  None of these are mine, but please do click the pics to go to the Ravelry page.  It’s a shorter list than usual, but there weren’t too many patterns that came back when I searched for “binary”!  LOL

* Awesome! :)

* I really love this hat!

Another style of a binary hat!

Awesome - matching mitts!

* Love (eleventy)!! It's an ass hat! Sweet!

* I've shown this pattern before, it's wonderful! :)

* Cute water bottle sling! ;)

* Free Pattern

Happy Geek Day!  :D

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2 Responses to 011110 Geek Synchronicity

  1. Joe says:

    If Clearwater doesn’t workout there is always the Gasparilla half. Also, if the ankle is better by Clearwater, there’s the Gasparilla half to run too. :-)


    • H3Dakota says:

      LOL, but no pressure. ;) It’s not looking good for the ankle, I’m afraid. I can finally wear shoes that hit the sore spot without it hurting too much, but it’s still twinging some – enough that I don’t want to push it by running a long run this weekend (I don’t think). *sigh*


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