Which fictional character are YOU?


So I took a rest day on Thursday just to be safe.  My ankle did not hurt after my 3 mile run, which is a very good thing!!  Yay!  I wanted to run again yesterday, but the weather here was absolutely foul, storming a good part of the day.  Then in the afternoon, I was struck with a headache, which cancelled any hopes of running for the day.

Today I should have been running my 2nd half marathon.  SO discouraging that I had to give it up.  I’m feeling a bit depressed over it, but I’m trying to get myself focused on the upcoming half in March instead.   It’s hard this morning because by now, I would have finished the race!  *sniffle*  However, that headache of yesterday is still with me, so perhaps it all worked out for the best?

Which fictional character are YOU?

On Facebook, an online friend had posted a status about using a picture of a fictional character that best represents you for your profile picture.  It got me to thinking, pondering which one would best suit me.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t a single one that I could choose to represent ME!  I do have some choices, but individually, they aren’t quite right.  If I could mix them up a bit together, that might work!  LOL  I have yet to think of a fictional female character who is hopelessly addicted to Doctor Who, though, so that particular element would be missing no matter what.  he he he

Other than that missing element, these fictional characters mixed together would be fairly close…  LOL  The main elements missing?  Running & Doctor Who!

  1. Luna Lovegood – because she’s geeky and lost in her own little world, like me.
  2. Lisa Simpson – because she’s also geeky, a band geek (except I played bass clarinet), a vegetarian and a liberal environmentalist!
  3. Hermione Granger – geeky (yeah, definitely the main theme here!) book lover
  4. Liz Lemon – another geek who has glasses like my geek glasses, I hear she forgets to eat AND she loves Star Wars
  5. Jordan Cochran – geek grrl from the movie ‘Real Genius’ – she knits an entire sweater in one night.  LOL


So I finished my rainbow pooling scarf!  w00t!  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  I have a picture of it, though it isn’t a great shot…  I took it real quick during a break in the rain yesterday – you can see my fence is soaked!  LOL  The lighting is terrible, but you can see how the colors are pooled anyway…

My friend Natalie & I are planning a dyeing session tomorrow.  She learned some new dyeing techniques & is eager to give them a try.  I still need to dye the yarn for the manlets’ Hacky Sack Hoodies, so we’re planning to work on it together.  I’m really looking forward to it, it should be a blast!

Today’s Ravelry Search

* Homer Simpson!

* ROFL! I don't watch the show, but this is priceless!

* A knit version! ;)

* ::giggle:: Look! It's Mr. Dangly! he he he

* ZOMG!!! It's Animal! SOOO added to my faves!

* Yes, there is even a Simpson dishcloth! LOL

* Cute, Alien Bunny! he he he

* Free pattern

Happy Saturday, all!

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