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This past week, I’ve had 3 little bits that came up in conversation, my news feed & in my wandering through Ravelry that coalesced in my brain when I was pondering my next blog post. The first is an apparent utter failure in my job as a geeky parent: neither of the manlets remember ever seeing The Princess Bride. Yes, this failure on my part is difficult for me to admit to, as I can’t imagine going through life without quoting it at least once a week, if not more. ::hangs head in shame::

Next, this incredibly awesome story of a father who is the exact opposite of a failed geeky parent: he hacked Donkey Kong so that 3 year old daughter (who loves to play Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros 2) could play as Pauline and save Mario. ♥♥♥  You can now also download the patch yourself – he’s provided the link on his YouTube video.



I’m still plugging away at running whenever I get the chance (or feel up to dodging the wind & rain lately). If I don’t run, then I’m walking with the manlets & their lady friends. We’ve been competing on the 10,000 step challenge – and lately, the youngest manlet’s girlfriend has been beating the pants of both of us!  ;)  It’s all good, we’re having fun with it. We even walked to our local Dairy Queen for ice cream – it’s only 1.5 miles from home, so a good 3 mile walk helped burn off some of the ice cream calories, right?  LOL

I am, however, stepping out in a minute or two for at least 3 miles.  :)


Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt – my book club is reading this one for the month of March (our theme this month is Irish). I’m halfway through the book now & don’t want to write up my review just yet. Suffice to say, it will no doubt be an interesting discussion!


I’m still knitting on my version of Devon. It’s very slow going, I admit – getting distracted by too many other things to do, really!  :)  I had the yarn arrive for the mitts that the oldest manlet asked for, so those will be going OTN soon. I also have been seriously considering starting up a crochet BAM afghan at some point…  but I’ll have to see how the other projects go in my queue.  LOL

Today’s Ravelry Search

* I love the name, it makes me smile. :D

* This square was actually the 3rd item that had this theme on my brain this week. I’ve been looking at 12″ square afghan patterns, thinking I’m overdue for a crocheted afghan again. :D

* ♥ I love double knit projects!

* Interesting looking hat – I bet it would be fun to modernize it!!

Seriously, how cute is this picture?!

* Really pretty booties, I’m surprised there aren’t more projects for this pattern!

I love everything about this sweater – would be worth investing in the book, I’m thinking!

* SQUEEE!!! So cute & way better than wearing a sheet or towel on your head.

* Aw!! I bet I know of a person or two that would like these in adult size. ;)

WOW! The designer has a wide range of Disney princess patterns.

Super cute!!

How fun is this skirt?!

Can’t have a princess theme without including THE Princess! ;)

* This pattern has a couple really nice projects done for it, it looks super cute on everyone!

* Sweet – another adorable hat for dress-up!

Pattern calls for worsted, but I think it would be even more gorgeous in a lighter weight yarn.

* Aw, cute baby hat!

Fun scarf! It’s a Japanese pattern, but the notes say that it is fully charted. :)

* Free pattern

Happy Wednesday, all! We’re on the down slope now…  LOL

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