Really slow jog > sitting on the couch!


w00t! Just got back from an awesome 4 mile run with the oldest manlet & his pixie. It was super slow (my fault), but oh, so sweet! I’m starting to feel a bit like I’m getting my running legs back again & it feels victorious!  :)  Won’t be quite ready for the half marathon in March, I don’t think – but I just might be up for walking half/running half if I can keep up this pace without running into an injury. We shall see as we get closer – maybe I’ll run it virtually (a truly fantastic new addition to the Florida Gulf Coast half marathons).


Finally got pictures of the 2 sweaters I knit! One is for myself, a pretty shade of pink (not usually a color I like much) with gorgeous buttons. The other I was thinking to give the pixie, but after sewing it up, I’m thinking it’s too small even for her, LOL! Good thing I know of a young lady or two that will likely be able to get some use out of it.


I also cast on a new scarf to use up 3 skeins of sock yarn. I’m really trying to knit down the stash! I am REALLY liking this pattern – I’m really surprised it doesn’t have more projects. It is easy to memorize, no purling, very quick to knit & the stitch looks awesome – check it out:

Today’s Ravelry Search

So the Faux-Hard Garter Slip Scarf pattern got me thinking that there are a good number of pretty awesome patterns out there that don’t have the love (patterns) they deserve.  Check ’em out, they are great!  These are all free, knit with sock yarn & have between 0 & 3 projects!

I wish there was a picture of this one on someone, it looks like it would be super cute!

WOW, I love the style on this one! I know someone else who will love it.  ;)

Super cute!

Very pretty & a great way to burn up that sock yarn stash!

Cool idea for using up striping sock yarns! I love it.

I love the look of linen stitches! ♥

LOVE this pattern! Awesome way to breakup a potentially ugly sock yarn & turn it into something gorgeous!

Cute idea for a long tunic/tank!

I adore Kate, she’s one of my very favorites on the planet. Very cute cowl too. ♥

Happy running & knitting – just don’t do them together!  ;)


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6 Responses to Really slow jog > sitting on the couch!

  1. peony67 says:

    Hey there! Sooo good to see you back in blogland, I missed your posts dearly… and that someone you mentioned at the second sweater was me???? Because yesssssssss I do LOOOOOOOve it :-)


  2. Lita says:

    I am not a sweater knitter but love the faux scarf and cowl with their slipped stitches. I fell in love with the ball band washcloth from the Mason Dixon book.


  3. Joe says:

    You would be missing out on the real race experience if you ran it virtually, unless you wanted a medal without actually having to run it…. Oh, smart person…


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