Be Sure to Drink Your… Water!

Be Sure to Drink Your…  Water!

LOL, sorry, I’m still a bit stuck on A Christmas Story. It will wear off, I promise.  :)  Anyway. I decided about a month ago that I really needed to get back to drinking water more often. Why, you ask? Let me tell you! The benefits are amazing:

  1. It hydrates your system, which your body needs. Dehydration is one of my triggers for headaches & migraines, so this reason is my #1, of course.
  2. It increases your metabolism. Well, really #1 is responsible for that, but keeping your body hydrated helps ensure that your metabolism is at its best.
  3. Helps you lose weight – combine #1 & 2 with the fact that water also helps flush the fat byproducts out of your body and you have a winning formula for weight loss, if you so desire. The key to keep in mind is balance, however – it’s not a question of the more water you drink, the more weight you lose!
  4. Clear, youthful & glowing skin. This is one of my favorite benefits too! Breakouts are a real pain & water helps keep them away.
  5. Prevents kidney stones. Not an issue in my family nor really with vegetarians, but I’ve got friends that have this issue regularly.

Now…  for those of you that are like me & have a tough time getting into the water habit, here is my way of getting back into it:

I mix zero calorie flavoured sparkling water with plain water to get back into the habit.  :)


I admit it – my legs are sore.  LOL  I might have pushed them a bit too far too fast. I have to give them a bit of a rest before hitting the streets again because I’m not about to hit tendinitis again!  :D  So, for today’s bit of running talk, I thought I’d like this article, in which the following is stated:

What started as a fad adopted by a fringe group of new-age runners has become a worldwide phenomenon that is the hottest topic on running blogs everywhere.

Oh dear. Do I really classify as a fringe group of new-age runners?!  ROFL!  I’ve been running in my Vibrams since 2009 & this article states that 2012 is going to see barefoot running as the hottest topic of running blogs…  hmmm.  I think they are a little behind the times, but that could just be me.  ;)


I’ve been a bit busy, but I have gotten a few rows done on my sweater, anyway.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

These aren’t my patterns, they are all someone else’s design – just click the picture to go right to the Ravelry pattern page.


* Very nice scarf, I like it!


Gorgeous dish cloth, I quite like this pattern.


Such a gorgeous sweater!


* Aw, cute!!


I so love colour work!


ZOMG! I seriously love this water bottle cozy! The downside is that the pattern seems difficult to find.


Gorgeous mittens! I love them.


* Seriously clever idea! I love it.


* I like the stitch pattern on this cozy!


Lovely scarf/stole, really. :)


I really, really like this pattern - and it's only $1 - can't beat that! :)


* Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

* Free pattern

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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    Oh my… I am not even thinking about running at the moment…
    but that sweater and those dragonflies…ahhh—ohhh


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