Say THAT 3 times fast! What on Earth IS it, you ask? Why, it’s the fear of Friday the 13th, of course! :D Frigg is the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named; triskaidedaphobia means the fear of the number 13.  Some fun facts associated with Friday the 13th…

    • Black Sabbath’s eponymous debut album was released in the UK on Friday, February 13, 1970.
    • The 13th book in A Series of Unfortunate Events was released on Friday, October 13, 2006 by Lemony Snicket, also known as novelist Daniel Handler.
    • Four of the twelve films in the Friday the 13th series, including the most recent (reboot of the series), were released on a Friday the 13th.
    • Long-running theatrical show, Supernatural Chicago, premiered on Friday, February 13, 2004.
    • AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG features special in-game events featuring Voltaire (musician) and other guests for each Friday the 13th.
      Ok, I’m sorry – I just HAD to link to Voltaire’s “Zombie Prostitute” – how could I resist a name like that, seriously?!  For your listening pleasure, I give you the entire song…
    • The renowned rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur was pronounced dead on Friday, September 13, 1996.
    • The asteroid 99942 Apophis will make a close encounter with Earth, closer than the orbits of communication satellites, on Friday, April 13, 2029.

Apophis?  *giggle* All I can think of is this guy, of course…  (because I really am that much of a geek).


Yes, I have been running!  w00t! I’ve been sticking to 3 mile runs every other day so that I don’t start off too hard, too fast. Even that is kind of pushing it, given that I hadn’t been running very much. So far, no issues at all, though, apart from one day of sore legs when I first started back. Each run has been progressively faster than the last, with the exception of Tuesday’s run. That day, I came upon Larry just after the quarter mile marker, so I slowed down to a slow jog so we could chat. We jogged together for the next 1.25 miles & as usual, it was awesome. :)

He was very sweet & complimented me on not having actually gained any weight from my long break in running (I actually hadn’t). He made a very valid point in that many people continue to eat as if they are still running, even though they aren’t getting the same amount of exercise. The end result usually is putting on a few pounds.


  • Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay – Let me first preface this review by saying that I read the books well before ever seeing the show. The first 2 books? Brilliant. This one? Not so much. Dexter has lost his edge – that keen brilliance, the sharp mind & the ability to spot the tiniest clue overlooked by everyone else?  All gone. Now we get endless descriptions of Miami traffic, Dexter’s cold, Rita’s cooking, and the streets that Dexter takes to get from point A to point B. Ok, Mr. Lindsay – we get it. You know Miami.


I finished my 3 hour sweater, though it took much longer than that, of course. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern I followed, other than to go down a size for the ribbing on the sleeves – I should have gone to size 5s on the needles, rather than 6, as they are still a bit too big. Ah well, the wool is a wee bit scratchy on my sensitive skin, so I’ll have to wear a shirt underneath it, so it’s just as well.  :)

I cast on for the oldest manlet’s birthday present this week, I’ll be finishing that today. He picked out the Socky Slouchy Hat for the pattern and Knit Picks Felici in Pebble for the yarn. It’s knitting up fast & I love how it’s striping.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

My search for today is a little different. This one is dedicated to my friend Stephie. :D The standard disclaimers apply – none of these are mine, they are all patterns published on Ravelry – simply click the picture to go right to the Rav pattern page!


OMG Ponies. The name says it all. :D


Wee Pony! It includes patterns for a pony, a unicorn AND a pegasus! Sweet. :D


* Blink. Ah-hem. The variations that folks have come up with are quite cute, really.


* There you go, Stephie - make your own!


* I had to include this one because it is SO totally awesome! Take a chill pill! Hee!


The hardest part of including this pattern was deciding which picture to use - nearly all of the projects turned out so adorable! That's the mark of a really terrific pattern, I say.


* Adorable HK hat, I bet it would knit up super fast... (and would be a project you might actually finish, even with 2 of us yammering at you!).


* Look! A hat, scarf AND a bag! Can't ask for better than that! ;)


* ZOMG, Skele-Kitty!? Perfection. :D It's a chart, so you could do ANYTHING with this one! ;)


* Awww! Add HK to your purse, a headband, barrettes... the possibilities are endless!


* SO cute! The sweater pattern is specifically for child sizes, but the HK bit is charted - so one could easily knit an adult sweater & include the HK design. Just sayin'.


* Toppers for your wedding cake? Ok, I'm giggling helplessly now. Seriously, though, they are quite awesome!

* Free Pattern

Check it out – I’ve added new buttons for all your social sites now!  ;)  Click away, I would love that. He he he

Tell me how YOU handle Friday the 13th – is it a day that bothers you? Just another day? Me personally, it’s just another day – though I am going to Happy Hour to meet up with all my geeky friends. :D

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4 Responses to Friggatriskaidekaphobia

  1. Lesley Gillingham says:

    I enjoy the fact that other people always moan about Friday 13th, I really don’t mind it but have to say to the moaner that I think it is a fantastic day!!! I also live at house number 13 and all is fine here. I was at work today as a personal adviser working with unemployed people so I was busy all day which suits me fine, can’t bear a day when I haven’t much to do, it is such a drag.

    Anyway thank you for your entertaining blog, I enjoy reading new posts.



    • H3Dakota says:

      Busy days are always much better than slow ones, that’s for sure!

      :D A friend of mine would be horrified at the idea of living in a house numbered 13. LOL He skips the number whenever possible.

      Aw, thank YOU! :)


  2. peony67 says:

    Actually I didn’t even realized it was the 13th on friday until late afternoon… hah.
    that sweater look fffantaaastic (insert the 9th voice here) on you!


  3. kellym says:

    LOL Glad to see I am not the only one who giggles and thinks of ol’ glowy-eyes when people talk about that asteroid. You have to wonder…is it made of Naquida? Teehee…


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