Next pattern, Tonks

I mentioned the sock pattern I’m working on now in my post yesterday, Tonks. I wanted something that was easy to memorize, after Potions Master, which couldn’t really be memorized. I found what I was looking for, something easy that looks good with the color variations of the yarn… here’s the progress from yesterday:

Tonks Progress

It rained off & on through the night & we still have thundering going on – promising more rain again today. Today’s run is going to be short again, I think. I wouldn’t mind running in the rain, I find that refreshing, actually. But, living in the lightening capital, I think we’d best leave off until the thunder clears at least. If I could only get the youngest to keep running… he has a tendency to take walk breaks. Me, once I take the first walk break, I find I have to keep taking them. If I don’t take a walk break at all during my run, then I’m just fine… I shared that tidbit yesterday as we drove home – I’m hoping he decides today to keep running & not take any walk breaks. Seeing how we are starting off really slow/light (only TWO miles!!!), I think he can do it just fine. We shall see, anyway!

I’m thinking we’ll follow up with some Tae Bo. After that, I’ve got some errands to run (dang it!). We also need to do some cleaning up around the place, I hate leaving the house a complete mess. he he he

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