Progress on Potions Master

YAY!  I’ve got on a roll with Potions Master.  I’d be further along, but decided this go round, to make the socks as I normally do – 2 at a time.  I’m nearly to the heel now (these are once again toe-up).  I’m going for short row this time, as I haven’t done a short row heel in some time.  I think I prefer them, actually.

Running has taken a back seat over the past few days.  I just haven’t had the gumption to get out the door.  I’m kind of struggling with my energy level & outlook.

But at least I know that it is most likely all due to being iron deficient again.  *sigh*  I keep thinking that it is my Hashimoto’s that causes my symptoms – this is 3 times now that I’d thought for sure it was my thyroid, but it has been my iron stores instead.  Most frustrating because I’m not to the point of having full on anemia, but my stores are low enough that I feel like crawling through the day every single day.  No matter how much sleep I might get.

Summer is here, the boys are home.  They are doing a pretty good job so far of keeping themselves occupied without getting into trouble…  but then, I’m really lucky in that respect.  They were really good about that last summer, too.  They do get a bit bored once in a while, but overall they are great.

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2 Responses to Progress on Potions Master

  1. Isis says:

    Two more weeks to go here till summer break. My treasure is getting better at keeping herself occupied too… but she’ll still attend daycamp for 2 weeks in July while I finish my professional obligations for the summer (she loves it, it’s all sports and lots of friends as she’s been going to the same place for 4 years now, twice a year).

    Sorry about the running/iron issues. I try too but am not very consistent. I am not iron deficient but highly sleep deficient I’m afraid… slows me down quite a bit too.

    I guess a bit of pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps (sockstraps ?? LOL) is in order, eh ?! Get that iron in you, woman, and run, run, run !


  2. peony67 says:

    I hear you on being constantly tired, that is what I do… haven’t run in ages either…I don’t have the energie, nor the inspiration…ouch…
    Yay on the socks though, I do prefer the short-row heels too…
    And we all know that your sons are great…


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