Wah-hoo! First 5 miler this year

So I’m thrilled that I finally felt up to a 5 miler since recovering from a nasty case of tendinitis. I felt great through the run with no signs of pain – even running up/down hills and bridges! I will know more tomorrow, as the last time I ran more than 4, I was down for a month again because of a return of pain. I did take it easy this go round, of course. Ran 2.5 miles out to the beach, walked up then down the beach for a total of 1 mile… then ran the 2.5 miles back home.

It’s time to go back to the doctor for another full thyroid panel. I’ve steadily gained weight over the past couple of months, something I’d chalked up to not running like I had been. But in the past few days, I’ve come to realize that my hair is falling out again. *sigh* I really hate this up & down battle all the time with my thyroid, what a royal pain in the ass!!

Added up all the hours that I worked from last Friday to yesterday… it came to just over 80 hours. I know the week before wasn’t much less than that, too. Shit, no WONDER I have been so tired, emotional & short fused. I “took last night off” from working – I only worked 10 hours instead of 14 to 18. But as soon as I get done here & with the shower, it’s nose to the grindstone again for probably another 8 hours again today.

What I really want to be doing instead is charting for Viktor. I am still puzzling out how to get the design incorporated into the heel flap, of course. I just love the design – I *must* figure out how to do this!! It’s going to look fantastic when I get it done, I think. It’s going to require a little bit of embroidery to really get the details right, but that should just be a simple straight stitch. I’ve seen other sock patterns do something similar, so I’m confident it can be done!  So this sock is for my son, who is significantly larger than me, so bear with the sock not fitting here…  he he he

Viktor progress

Ever have a really great (sexy, romantic or just plain dirty) dream about someone you know rather well? It’s happened to me a couple times that I remember, both involving male friends. The first one completely horrified me when I woke, I was totally grossed out, to be perfectly frank. It was one of those dreams when you wake up and swear off of pizza for the rest of your life. One of those “OMFG, get me some Comet for my brain!” dreams. *shudder* That one was about someone that was a friend, but not anyone that I would ever be remotely attracted to in real life.

This time, I had a really great dream about another male friend. Except in this case, I actually AM attracted to him… well… definitely to his MIND anyway. It was an interesting dream and definitely not one that had me reaching for the Comet. Though I admit to my first thought being “oh dammit, WHY did I have to remember that?” when I had a flashback to the dream this morning. I’d have been better off simply forgetting about it altogether. It’s just so damn awkward the first time you see someone after having that happen!! Not that THEY know about your dream, of course, but you do!

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