Oh NO! I am out of coffee

Last night I was SO damn tired…  after the last 2 weeks of work (working 80+ hours last week and something close to that the week before), I am not surprised in the least that I am this tired.  Went to bed at 8pm last night.  Woke up to realize that I have no coffee left in the house.  Oh, the HORROR!

My 5 mile run yesterday went fantastic – much better than Saturday’s 5 miles.  YES!  Today my legs feel great – and it was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing the running gear & heading out the door.  I’m not quite ready for daily runs yet, I’m thinking.  Mentally, yes…  but physically, no.  Must impose will over the urge/need/fever to run.  he he he

Still waiting to catch my youngest to have him try on the Viktor sock, so it’s just sitting there waiting.  Got a tiny bit more done on the new one, but not much.  I’m almost done with the toes & it will be time soon to be giving the pattern a go.  I must remember to thread some waste yarn into a row in case I need to rip back over & over, as I did with Viktor.

Off to get ready for work, think I’ll hit a coffee shop on the way in…  get a cuppa & relax with my knitting for a bit before dealing with a near all day meeting at work (UGH!).

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