Brrrr, keep warm!

Wow, it’s cold! These colors would make a fun scarf, wouldn’t they? Even down here in sunny Florida, our low was just above freezing! We typically get one or two nights of freezing temperatures, but never this late in the year. Stay safe out there!


Ha. Ha. Ha-ha. Ha. No. Don’t have the gear for it. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.


Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson – I absolutely LOVE Steven Leeds. What a complex & wonderful character! The one complaint I have about this series is that the books are TOO SHORT. :) Steven Leeds has the ability to compartmentalize every shred of information he has ever come across, but he does so by “aspects” – a wide variety of personalities that only he can see. A schizophrenic, but highly functional where the people that he sees are keepers of all knowledge in a specialized way. For example, Ivy is the keeper of all things in dealing with people – social cues, psychological knowledge, being able to tell when someone is lying. Tobias is the keeper of history – he can share in minute detail the history of the Sydney Opera House (for example). Such a great concept! Definitely 5 geek points.

Robogenesis by Daniel H. Wilson – As much as I loved Robopocalypse is about as much as I did not like the sequel. It was dreary, depressing and hopeless. It had none of the hope of the first book and there wasn’t one central character to tie everything together. Most disappointing. 2 geek points for the always awesome details on robots – I had to take one away because robot zombies just smacks of jumping on the zombie popularity bandwagon to me.


So last blog post, I mentioned that I was getting ready to start this hat. Well, I did start it – and I finished it rather quickly. Let me tell you, this was a really fun hat to make!! I had a blast with it! You should definitely go knit one. :)

Blue Neon Ski Bonnet

I know some have a challenging time with pom poms. My first bit of advice: when you think that you’ve wound enough yarn for your pom pom, add about a third more. You won’t regret it. My second bit of advice: the pattern shares this video for creating pom poms – useful, but I have a better trick for those of you that happen to have a handy swift like mine.  ;) Place the peg out at least one hole further away than you think you need. Tie the yarn on that end. Then wind it between the peg and the center spindle. Hold the yarn with one hand and spin your swift:

Voila! Swift pom pom (groan)!  Ok, you still need to tie it in the middle, slip it off, then start cut-cut-cutting away, but at least this will save you a little bit of work!

Today’s Ravelry Search

So now that you know a speedy way to make pom poms – what else can you make?!  :)

How about a boa of pom poms? :)

Pom pom pillow! Cute.

Pom pom animal headwarmers – these are actually much cuter when you see them on someone!

* Ah HA! My sister & I lived in our pom-pom socks as kids. All our socks had to be like these. :D

Cute hoodie!

* Entirely appropriate with the cold weather – stop that cold draft from coming in!

“Pom Queen” – Ok, I admit it, I had to include this one because it’s punny. LOL

* Well of course I had to include my all time favorite slipper pattern! ;) These are my own pasty white legs here. LOL Don’t forget, I’ve got a printable PDF here too.

*Free pattern

How are you all holding up in these temps?

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