How’s that Double Knitting Going?

Last blog post, I said that I wanted to master double knitting. For my geek’s traditional Valentine (a knitted QR code), I went with double knitting. It was a good refresher on the technique, but it also took me longer than I’d anticipated, so I ended up knitting the end of it sitting next to him on the couch on Valentine’s Day! Ah well. I still have to block it, which can make or break whether the QR code works or not.


I have been running quite a bit more other than this past week. I have the last halfathon of the Florida Halfathon Challenge to finish in March, so I need to keep at it! It’s been unseasonably cold this month, which I normally love. I just haven’t wanted to get out for a run first thing in the morning when it is in the low 40s, though. Such a wuss, I know!


Brave New World by Aldous Huxley – You would think that I’d have read it before now, but I hadn’t! The first half was really tough getting through – you have to forge through the materialistic fluff before the story deepens and it becomes a worthwhile read.

The Martian by Andy Weir – Holy Moly! What an amazing story – it will keep you hooked all the way through! I loved this book, absolutely loved it. It has enough scientific explanations for the plot to be feasible and to keep the geekiest of us happy, plus quirky bits tossed in for good measure. After all, left all by ourselves, we become totally comfortable with our own quirks and we have no problem displaying them. This book gets 5 out of 5 Geek Points for me. :)


So I finished the QR code project. I also have one sock done for myself – finally getting around to knitting up my Time Traveler sock yarn. :) I also finished a slouchy hat for the oldest – it’s reversible, double thick, so he can wear it blue side out or green side out. I seem to be on a roll with the double-the-work projects! LOL

I’ve also got my Good Luck sweater close to done – just need to knit the sleeves. I debated on how I’m going to do them, but I really think I just want to knit plain white stockinette rather than following the pattern.

Next project is this hat, which looks like it will be tons of fun!

Today’s Ravelry Search

Sometimes I find myself with a lovely skein of sock yarn that just doesn’t want to be socks. I’m fairly certain my fellow sock yarn collectors find themselves in the same boat, so here are some free patterns that are listed requiring 380 yards of sock yarn (or less). Maybe one of these will be just right for THAT skein you’ve been hanging on to! :)

Very simple pattern that would show off a pretty yarn very well.

Gorgeous crocheted scarf!

Adorable little top for up to 6 months!

Pretty crocheted mitts!

How about a pretty pillow for your bed? It’s so pretty, you won’t even mind the bobbles (LOL)!

Lovely & airy scarf for when the temps start warming up!

Simple but eye catching pattern – I love these!

Awesome little sweater – I have just the person to knit one for – just have to decide which sock yarn to use! :)

What are some of your favorite one skein sock yarn patterns?

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