Clearing out the WIPs

I took a look at my projects on Ravelry that were still WIPs earlier this year. I found to my dismay that I had 7 projects in the works at the same time. I know, I know, some of you will laugh at me, because only 7?!  ;) For me though, it is nearly unheard of – I tend to be a one WIP at a time kind of person. I do make one exception to that rule, my awesome sock yarn blanket, which will no doubt be a WIP for quite a bit longer yet.

So my unofficial New Year’s resolution was to declare 2015 the year of #WIP-Busting. LOL This past weekend, I wrapped up the last of those 7 projects with a huge sigh of relief. Some were just ridiculous (I had this awesome afghan completely done but for the piecing together & border rows), some were relatively newer, but I got ’em all done!



Yep, still running. Though I did take a bit of a break when I managed to get the flu a week ago. But I have a new-old running partner to drag out with me now & then – the youngest manlet is going for getting into the running habit again, yay!


I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading goal for 2015 as well. Not quite there yet, but I’ll get there! Two of the books I’ve read recently were really good stories – you should definitely check them out!

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley – I actually discovered this one from this site, which actually worked really well for me in the case of this story. Imagine one day waking up not having any clue who you are – but finding a letter in your pocket that tells you who you are, as if the writer knows in advance that something will happen to you to make you lose your memory. So begins The Rook. It’s in the mystery/thriller genre and it definitely keeps you hooked on the storyline. 4 geek points from me.

Vicious by V.E. Schwab – college roommates develop a hypothesis about how EOs (extraordinary = superhero) are created. Taking it a step further, they experiment with their idea – and discover that things can suddenly go very wrong very fast. An unusual novel that seems to really take human foibles into account – because, let’s face it, the average person just wouldn’t make a decent superhero. Things like greed, desire, hate, jealousy can really get in the way of good intentions! 4 geek points.


Having cleared my WIP queue, and having been invited to a baby shower at work, I cast on a Puerperium cardi in one of my favorite yarns, Knit Picks Felici. I’m still heartbroken that Knit Picks has discontinued this yarn! *sniffle*

Today’s Ravelry Search

How about some more cute baby patterns for showers?  :)

* Perfect for sock yarn remnants!

* SO adorable, why aren’t there more projects??

* What can I say? I am such a sucker for ladybug themed patterns!

* Shrek beanies!! <3

* Just gorgeous!

Adorable baby hoodie.

* LOVE, love, love!

* Really cute vest for baby.

* Awww, the name is too cute (Peanut Warmer). :)

* Free pattern

So, how many WIPs do YOU have?


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  1. peony67 says:

    How many? I have no idea… there are abandoned, resting, running etc projects all over the house…so many, that it is a surprise that I do finish things from time to time… I have a few balls of Felici, why on earth they discontinued it?

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