Where does the time go?

So my oldest manlet became officially engaged some time ago – they have been together for 2.5 years so far, but have no plans for the wedding as of yet. My geek’s daughter is now also officially engaged & he’s feeling my pain. :) Our kids are adults now & it just seems like yesterday that my manlets were little boys learning how to walk. Happily, though, both couples seem perfectly content to wait for quite some time before officially tying the knot. I’d told my manlets not to get married/have kids until they are at least 30…  we’ll see if they both heed my words!  ROFL!


I’ve managed to get out & run almost every day of the week for the past couple of weeks. That includes several runs with the oldest & his lady friend. YAY! I’ve also done several miles with the youngest & his lady friend, but at a walking pace (for now! LOL). Decided to take today off & give my legs a bit of a rest. I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow & go for 4, I think, but the rest will be good for me. No sense in pushing it too hard & ending up injured!


Several members of my knitting group have formed a book club too. I’m super excited about it, as I’ve never gone the book club route before. New experiences are fun, especially when done with people you already know!  ;)  We just met to discuss the first book we read, which we really started back in January…

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey – 1920s Alaska, an older married couple & the child they made of snow. Or did they? Is Faina real or just a figment of their imagination? This story is beautiful – the descriptions of Alaska alone make the book worthwhile. Yes, it is a sad story. Does it end sadly? Well, I think it really boils down to how the individual reader decides. I do know that this book spurred a fascinating discussion in our group about women & the “maternal instinct”. Some women have it, some don’t – but unfortunately, even in today’s society, women that do not have it are deemed less or even heartless. Not everyone is cut out to be a mother & it is the strong & courageous woman that admits to that.


I finished up the Faux-Hard Garter Slip Scarf last weekend. I was looking at the finished projects & saw that our knitting group’s much loved Uncle Tim had used the pattern to knit up a dishcloth. What a fantastic idea, I thought! So yes, I immediately pulled out some cotton & knit up a new one for my geek.  LOVE IT.  So, thanks Uncle Tim!!  :)

I started knitting a new sweater for myself – I’m modifying the Devon tank for it. I plan to add sleeves to it, but otherwise I’m keeping it about the same. I can’t find my 4s though, so am knitting it with 5s – it’s going to be big, but hey, that’s ok.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

Let’s end this post with the same topic we started it with for some fun. ;)

* I absolutely LOVE this crochet dress!

Oooh, pretty!

* Something old, something new… ;)

::blink:: Call me old fashioned, but I’d really rather not see the bride’s knickers as she walks down the aisle.

I’m torn on this one – I love it, I think. LOL

* With the right dress, this necklace would be stunning.

* Have I mentioned my love for most things vintage? ;)

Again with the vintage stylings! LOL

When my friend Michelle got married, she toyed with the idea of knitting her bouquet. I loved the idea too!

* When it comes to flowers, I believe I prefer the crochet versions just a little bit!

* One of the prettiest veils I’ve ever seen, I love this pattern. :)

Here is the same pattern, but with a Gator twist! I had to include this one because my geek’s kids are both Gators and my kids (which includes my daughter to be) hope to be. Plus, she’s just so happy & gorgeous in it. :D

* Free pattern

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Emily says:

    Congratulations! And way to go on the running + knitting. I love seeing your “Ravelry Searches”…not that I need to add anything else to my queue, hehe, but it’s cool to see what draws someone else’s attention. Have a happy weekend!


  2. peony67 says:

    ahhh, lovely selection! As always…


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