Finding inspiration in different places

So my geek & I were watching something yesterday…  he commented on something & I responded with “all I noticed was that sweater she’s wearing”.  LOL It got me thinking, though, about inspiration & some of the unexpected ways we feel inspired. I’ve been inspired by many things I’ve seen in movies or shows, of course, whether it’s knitting or running. Sometimes it just happens when I see someone jogging down the road or someone goes past me wearing a cool, vintage hat. The more you look around, the more you’ll see things that just might spur a bit of inspiration in you, too.  :)


Yes, I’m still keeping up with my running! I’ve also been getting the weights going heavier lately & finally started feeling the effects. It really doesn’t do much good to lift 10 or 15 pounds if you don’t feel a thing afterward. I moved the weights up & got my muscles feeling all warm & jelly-like… and felt a twinge of soreness the next day, w00t! Not so sore that I can’t move, just the right amount that lets me know I worked the muscles.


The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells – what a terrific read this one was! I really enjoyed the world that the author created in this series. It’s a bit fantasy, bit sci-fi, a bit adve with just a touch of romance. Moon, the main character, doesn’t know what he is in terms of species – all he knows is that there seems to be no one else like him. He tries to live his life among the groundlings, but never quite seems to find acceptance in any of the communities of his world. At last, he finds his own people, called the Raksura. Can he fit in with them & can he accept them – and can they accept him?


I’m still working on the Faux-Hard Garter Slip Scarf. I’d hoped to finish it this weekend, but someone kept distracting me.  :D  I have another project planned, but I have to wait on the yarn for it, as the manlet wants fingerless gloves that are thick & a bit fuzzy. Rowan Kid Classic perfectly fits what he’s looking for, so I’ll have to get the yarn. I found some available on Ravelry, yay, just waiting to hear back if it’s still available.

Today’s Ravelry Search

So I thought about my love for vintage patterns & felt inspired to showcase some of the awesome patterns that are out there along with an example of a finished project…  a bit more challenging on my usual search!  ;)  Enjoy!  I’ve linked the original photos back to the pattern page.

Original Pattern Photo/Modern Project Photo
There are several projects for this one & they are all great! It was hard to pick just one.
Beautiful! It looks so cuddly & warm…
I love this version even with the bow, which is actually unusual for me! I might have to knit this one & call it “Bow Ties are Cool”. LOL
Slight variation of the original, but utterly adorable!


I love this top!
Ooh, maybe I should have had this one on the Valentine’s Day post! ;)
I’m actually very surprised that there weren’t more projects for this scarf, it is SO eye-catching!
As soon as I saw this version, I knew it had to be the one to use for the modern version – SO adorable!!
True to the pattern & gorgeous in this color!
I’m not sure which I love more – the sweater or the sheer happiness on this knitter’s face! ♥
Really very cute!
They look pretty in red!
I love this modern project photo. :)
Love the color choices; love this version entirely!
Several really pretty versions, it was tough to pick one!

* These are all free patterns, naturally.  :)

Have a fantastic week!

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