Floridians: Biggest.Whiners.Evah!


So I got in a 4 mile run last night.  I meant to get out while the sun was still up, but one thing led to another & it just didn’t happen.  I kept it to only 4 miles because I had so many errands to run once I got back home.  It was a slower 4 mile run than I had anticipated, actually.  It had been a few days since I tackled a bridge run & that’s the path I took – one of my bridge run paths.  I didn’t actually dress in many clothes this time, thinking I would probably be ok in spite of the 45ºF temperature.  Sure enough – I had on my running capris, long sleeved running shirt, a hat and the big sweatshirt from the manlets that is long enough to be a dress.  About a mile into the run, I took the sweatshirt off & tied it about my waist.  I discovered that I’m not a big fan of running in the dark at night time.  Kind of weird given that it’s dark at my normal running time of 5AM, but there ya have it.  LOL

Floridians: Biggest.Whiners.Evah!

Holy icicles, Batman!!  I can honestly say that I cannot recall another time when I’ve heard this many people whinging & complaining about it being so OMFG IT’S SO COLD OUTSIDE, I’M GOING TO DIE, DIE DIIIIEEEEE.  You might think I’m joking, but I’m sadly not.  Sure, I feel cold when the temp drops below 72ºF, like the rest of the folks that have lived here 12 months or longer.  I don’t whine about it though!  I’ve had countless posts across the internet, on Twitter, and even more complaints in person than I can ever recall having before.  Now we are looking at our coldest weekend this weekend – and it will probably be the coldest one for the entire “winter” season.  Come March, the complaints about the humidity and/or heat will begin.  LOL

It’s not just the complaints, though.  It’s amazing how useless people become when threats of a freeze come along.  So much so that news agencies have countless stories about “surviving the cold”.  You think I’m kidding?  Check it out here and here! ROFL!  Yes, we should have an emergency cold weather kit in our vehicles, including tiny cups to melt the snow and blankets in case our battery dies while we are out driving around.  Great advice for up north.  Great advice (to an extent) for those driving in the country.  But the article is from TampaBay.com – an area pretty much covered over by concrete and strip malls.  If my car dies, I can walk over to the sidewalk and go inside whatever strip mall or building that happens to be right there.  And honestly – what the hell would I do with those little cups, anyway?!  Use ’em in the water fountain of the Circle K?

Now…  some of the information is good, I reckon.  Most of it is common sense.  Misinformation abounds though – my son’s teacher told him not to leave a tap running all night because it would freeze.


Not a huge amount of progress in this area – last night I had a ton of errands to take care of, so I didn’t get to knit at all!  Ah well, plenty of knitting time over the weekend.  :)

Today’s Ravelry Search

Winter goodies!  :)  None of these are mine – each picture is linked to the Ravelry pattern page!

* I really like this hat - it looks quick/easy to do but not at all boring to knit!

* What a nice chunky hat! It looks very warm. :)

* Oooh, what a pretty scarf! And I like the name. ;)

Ded from teh cute!

Lovely sock! Just so pretty.

*Oh.My.Bob. Too cute!!

* These are adorable! No little girls around here, but I love 'em!

* I'm really surprised there aren't more projects for these mitts, they are lovely!

Oh wow, gorgeous!

I love this huge pillow, even if it would take forever to crochet! :)

* Wow! What a unique & cool idea! Do follow the link to see the other pictures, you'll see what I mean!

Another adorable pattern for a little girl!

* I really like the look of this scarf! Very nice - faved for Project Cozy!

* I like this hat in spite of the inspiration for it. ;)

* Adorable hat for a toddler! Love it!

I'm guessing the pattern isn't available in English, but it is so wonderful, how could I not include it?!

WOW, this is gorgeous, too! LOVE it!

* Free pattern

Happy Friday, all!

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11 Responses to Floridians: Biggest.Whiners.Evah!

  1. Sid Simpson says:

    I did the Bella hat in greys and browns for guy gifts this holiday. It actually looks really good that way on guys. I made one in red for Natalie, though. : )


  2. susetheslowknitta says:

    hope some of the folks in Florida survive…..
    any falling iguanas yet? BBC news had stories of iguanas falling out of trees cos numb from the cold. Is this true??


    • H3Dakota says:

      ROFL! Actually, the iguanas are true. We haven’t really got them by me, but to the east & south of me they do. One of the news crews was able to catch them on video, but it’s rather unexciting. :D


  3. peony67 says:

    I still remember living in FL… , and whining about weather that was around freezing…
    BTW that last pruple sweater is gorgeous…but you knew I would like it didn’t you?


  4. Jude says:

    5am darkness is not the same as 7pm darkness. It really isn’t, I’d much prefer to be in the dark early in the morning.

    Just sayin’


    • H3Dakota says:

      You are absolutely right in that! I doubt I’ll venture out that late again, I Do.Not.Like it one bit! ;)


  5. ibfrizzy says:

    The stories from Florida have been hysterical. What isn’t funny are the NWOhioans and SEMichiganers, who should be experienced inclimate weather driver and their lack of common sense.


  6. ibfrizzy says:


    The stories from Florida have been hysterical. What isn’t funny are the NWOhioans and SEMichiganers, who should be experienced inclimate weather drivers and their lack of common sense during the first big snowfall


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* I know, it’s really been rather comical! What makes it worse is that easily 80% of the people that live here moved here from up north! LOL


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