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I’ve got a couple more cool shots from the camping trip that I’m putting up here… too lazy still to get them out elsewhere still. he he he

Flowering vine - no clue what, but the flowers were pretty!

Flowering vine - no clue what, but the flowers are pretty

Cool spider - tough to capture, though!

Cool spider - really tough to photograph

Our first attempt at shooting the spider!

Our first attempt at shooting the spider

One of the views from our campsite!

One of the views from our campsite

Juniper Springs - the spring fed pool!

Juniper Springs - the spring fed pool

First day back in the office is under my belt now, yay! LOL It wasn’t so hard going back in, really. As I told my boss, I love my job, I really do. I just wish I could JUST program – leave me be & let me just sit here at home & program without all the BS, the meetings, politics & such. *sigh* Ah well.

I wore my Severus socks & fingerless gloves – I found a cool polo type of t-shirt that matches them, too. It’s black with a polo style neck/collar. It has a white tee underneath that peeks out of the sleeves, neckline & bottom hem much like the socks & mitts. :D I had a couple people compliment my mitts & I’d said back that my socks matched. They asked where I’d found them & it gave me great delight to tell them that I’d made them. he he he

Met my best IRL friend (as opposed to my best virtual friend, who lives halfway around the world!) for coffee after work. It was fantastic because it has been a long time since we’ve been able to get together. I tried knitting my sock as we talked, but I’m at the heel & it was just a bit too distracting to focus on & still give her my full attention, so I gave up. :)

Played around last night with various stitches & some fingering weight cotton that I plan to use for a shawl/stole. Can’t seem to find the right needles to do the job, though. I’ve been making little swatches to see what looks good, then ripping them out. Came to the conclusion that I hate the 14″ cheap aluminum needles – which were the needles that I’d always had before when I tried to knit. No wonder I never really enjoyed it, they just felt so damn awkward!!

Got up early today to go for a nice run – sure enough, lightening all over the place again. *grrrrr* This is getting SO old!! It’s one reason that I hate living in Florida. The lightening/thunderstorms during the summer make it so hard to run! Last year, my solution to this problem was to train on the treadmill – and we all know what happened because of that, don’t we?! *sigh* Going to attempt it tonight if the weather is better.

That’s all for today, time to get ready for work! :)

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2 Responses to Random stuff

  1. peony67 says:

    Isn’t that the passiflora? (The one that in a more refined form grows the passionfruit?)
    That pool looks sooooooo lovely… I bet you looked great in that Severus outfit! (I wish I could see you… the outfit sounds just so there for me, matching everything. I hope you had black and white underwear too! Girl, I am watching ya!)


  2. H3Dakota says:

    Wow, you know? It sure DOES look like that (I googled passiflora), doesn’t?! The pool is beautiful – but cold! Year round, it keeps a temp of 72º… feels cold, but good in summer, though Dakota spent so much time in it, his lips kept turning blue. LOL!

    OMG – I know, I think of you every time I have a matching outfit on now! :D One day, I had on my purple/teal socks, jeans, purple sweater, a silver/purple necklace & my nails were painted the same color as the sweater (and matched underneath, of course)… everyone started teasing me about matching from head to toe & now they comment on it all the time… which makes me think of your every time. ;)


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