New pattern ideas

So last night, I was flipping through some stitch dictionaries & leaflets at the table.  My son spotted one that is a series of stockinette & leaf stitches done together to form a tree.  He told me that I have to make socks that incorporate that idea for one of my patterns.  At first, my reaction was “nah, it’s too BIG”…  but he’s really got me pondering it now.  I actually think that it WILL work after all.  I’m mulling it over in my head how I want to put it together.  He’s already named the pattern, too.  “Whomping Willow”  *grin*  Yes, we are BOTH huge Harry Potter fans.

I do believe that is the next pattern I’m going to work on after I finish his newest pair of socks.  Since my circ broke, I had to resort to the DPNs, which I actually have enjoyed except for the fact that I can’t do both socks at the same time.  The first sock is done now & the second has been moved to the DPNs.

I’d initially called them Draco, but the pattern just doesn’t work for me for Draco.  I must figure out the right series of stitches for him, this one isn’t it after all.  I’ll have to find a new name for this one.  I’m thinking I might put it up as a free pattern – perhaps just as a separate blog post.

WOO HOO!  I woke up this morning to no thunderstorms!  You know what that means – I went for a 5 mile run this morning.  Gosh darn it, I was f’g slower than molasses.  I am so out of shape from where I was a year ago – I really let that injury derail me for far too long.  *sigh*  BUT – it felt great to get out there AND I was very pleased that I ran just about all of the 5 miles with very little walking.  Plus that was up & over a bridge (twice) and a really big hill.  he he he

I have a sick kiddo that woke up at 4:30 this morning – gotta get him in to see the doctor.  I suspect it is one of 2 things – both ears infected or both have swimmer’s ear.  Probably the swimmer’s ear, but I need the doc to double check.  This one has been in tears from the pain, so I know that he is hurting BADLY.  He barely shed a few tears the time he broke his collarbone – he’s a tough little trooper that rarely gets sick.

Off to call the doc…

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4 Responses to New pattern ideas

  1. Bobbi says:

    At least you can run – I’ve spent so much time on my lazy rear that walking fast wears me out! ha ha ha
    Whomping willow sounds great!


  2. H3Dakota says:

    LOL – I seem to naturally walk fast, though I’m not a race walker at all – I’d rather run that race-walk anytime! :D

    I’m definitely thinking I will be doing the Whomping Willow, just not sure if it will be the very next project yet or not. We’ll see!


  3. Whomping Willow… I likes it! :)

    Hope the kiddo is feeling better. Ear pain sucks. :(


  4. H3Dakota says:

    :D My son is very proud that he came up with that one (and so he should be!). he he he

    He is feeling better – he definitely has swimmer’s ear. At least it is easy to treat! :) Thx for the thoughts!


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