Simply Tonks

So we’ve been back from the camping trip for a couple of days, but I needed a bit more time to recover & relax before getting online much. Plus the boys have been monopolizing the computers a bit, too. LOL!

I had hoped to have Simply Tonks completely done during the trip & the next pattern (or two) underway… but that just didn’t happen. Too much time spent doing things with the kids, not enough light in the day and loads of humidity & mosquitoes really cut into my knitting time. But, at last, they are all done & I’m posting the pattern today. YAY!

Simply Tonks

So I got started on the next pair of socks last night… I was making fantastic progress, then the unthinkable happened. *gasp* My favorite bamboo 40″ circs broke. The tubing ripped. I hope I might be able to fix them, but no luck so far. I turned to my standby, the Addi Turbos. UGH. The tubing is horrible on them & kept twisting so horribly. So… here we are:

Draco on DPNs

LOL, Anett – I know you are smiling now. *grin*

My vacation is over soon – back to work tomorrow. I’m totally NOT looking forward to it. The emails alone will take me a couple hours to go through. *sigh* If only knitting patterns could replace my salary instead of barely covering the cost of my sock yarn addiction!! he he he

Oh, as far as running goes? No such luck during the camping trip. My shoes got soaked during the canoe trip & since it rained every day except the final day, they never did dry out enough for me to wear again.

FINALLY the boys agreed to the canoe run!! Wah-hoo!!! I love, love, love the Juniper Springs canoe run. 7 miles of stunning scenery & definitely challenging to canoe. It take 3-5 hours to complete the run for most & it truly is one of the toughest canoe trails in Florida.

I didn’t take too many shots on the canoe run, as it was a bit of a hassle due to the camera being safely tucked into a ziploc baggie to protect it. Good thing, too, because we had some steady gentle rain during our final hour.

Here is the oldest & their friend that accompanied us on the camping trip – I was trying to capture their limbo moves (see the tree), but didn’t get the camera out in time…

Juniper Canoe Run

The boys decided that we were going to make the canoe trip a good hard workout, so we really paddled hard & fast throughout the run. We got the entire thing done in just under 3 hours, but would have had it done in about 2.5 hours except… the oldest & their friend actually tipped their canoe. ROFL! Not that I’m an expert & have loads of experience, but I have yet to tip myself. It happened right in front of us & was really very funny to watch. My oldest was really angry, but I’d assured him that he would laugh about it later – of course, I got a healthy glare for my trouble – but sure enough, later in the day he was laughing about it. he he he

At some point, my youngest & I had run afoul with an overhanging tree (ok, we did that loads of times!)… but this time in particular, we had a dead fish drop out of the tree into our canoe! Hysterically funny, truly – who would have expected a dead fish to fall out of a tree? I just had to take a shot of that, too.

The Dead Fish

For those interested, here are some links to info about the canoe run. :)

Sun-Sentinel story
The Florida Traveler
Club Kayak

I wanted SO much to go for a run this morning when I woke up…  *sigh*  but woke up to thunderstorms.  Hopefully, the running will pick back up tomorrow morning, then!!

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10 Responses to Simply Tonks

  1. peony67 says:

    Oh, so lovely to have you back, I missed you!!!
    Yes I had a wide grin seeing the dpns (you know my addiction to straight needles and aversion of the circulars…)
    That trip sounds and looks so great I wish I could go once even if not with the canoe but a kayak (I am a kayak, and rowing girl, tried the caone a few times but just couldn’t get it right… It was interesting because both in kayak, and rowing I was rather good…)
    Anyway good to have you back…


  2. H3Dakota says:

    I missed you, too, my friend! Downside of getting away like that, no computer access at all. But, I must admit, very relaxing. LOL – I knew you’d get a kick out of me turning to the DPNs.

    Oooh, kayaking – we so want to give that a try sometime, too. My oldest especially. Speaking of which – do check out my about me page, I added new pics of the boys there!


  3. Mandy says:

    Omgosh.. I would have freaked out if a dead fish fell FROM A TREE! That is both hilarious and insane at the same time. lol

    I loved hearing about your camping trip… I was sad to see the story end. :) One thing I look forward to as our kids all grow older is being able to do more challenging things with them, like canoeing… how fun!!! I’ve actually never gone before.. but my husband has. He’s probably tip ours on purpose… just b/c he’s a guy and would find it humorous. ;)


  4. H3Dakota says:

    LOL, Mandy – yeah, the dead fish story was exactly that, hilarious & insane at the same time! Then again, one of my favorite comments that Dean Karnazes made during his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days was something like “only in Florida would you find a fish as road kill”. he he he

    ROFL on the guys & canoe tipping – you’re probably right on that one! :D


  5. Bobbi says:

    I’m printing out the Tonks pattern now – can’t wait to get started!
    Your trip sounds great – falling fish and all.


  6. H3Dakota says:

    Hey Bobbi – glad to see ya here! :) I can’t wait to see someone else make up Tonks. *grin* I do hope that you get some requests & sales – the yarn is verra sweet, I might have mentioned. he he he


  7. Isis says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time and now plenty of memories to cherish with the boys ! That’s what breaks are all about !


  8. H3Dakota says:

    Ya know, Kim – I’m looking forward to one day sitting around with the boys reminiscing about the time we went camping & one canoe tipped and the other was gifted with a dead fish… :) We have already discussed next year’s camping trip, we want to extend it to 7 nights, if possible. he he he


  9. I love this pattern, and I’m so glad you liked the colorway. The funny part is, it was sort of an accident. LOL


  10. H3Dakota says:

    {{{hugs}}} Accident or not, it is perfect!! Thanks for the shout out, Mrs. H – you RAWK! ;)


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