Starting my training plan!

So I decided to work a training plan this time around, rather than just run whatever I felt like whenever I wanted.  I know that it was the treadmill that caused my injury, not the plan I was working, but I really think I’ll benefit from following a plan to build back up on my milage.  Yesterday was the first day on the plan, I had 4 scheduled.

I wanted to keep working on finishing the second Viktor sock so I can get moving on the new pattern, so I ended up knitting all day long.  I did my run last night after the sun went down, at 8:30pm.  That would have been fine, except dinner had been just a little too close to make it a comfortable run.  It ended up being a slightly unpleasant experience, but at least it was a learning one!

Had a Harry Potter marathon as I worked the sock.  It’s all good.  I like watching movies while I knit.  If only I could read as I knit, too.  That would be perfect!  I just haven’t reached that point yet, though.

I’m to the gusset now – just have that, the heel & a wee bit of leg/cuff left – I should get it finished today.  YAY!  I’m psyched about working on ‘Potions Master’.  Of course, I really need to get in mowing the lawn somewhere as well.  He he he

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4 Responses to Starting my training plan!

  1. Once you reach the end of your training plan, what’s next?

    By the way, thanks for the “add”. :-)


  2. H3Dakota says:

    Quite possibly I’ll be giving Disney another shot – that’s where I was headed when I was struck down by injury. Definitely going to get in a full marathon – thinking about Gulf Beaches Half in December, it’s right in my neighborhood!

    P.S. Came across your blog some time ago – got a chuckle out of flip flop man – I’ve run with him myself on the Trail recently. :)


  3. Ah, flip-flop man. I’ve only seen him twice in my life: once at Gulf Beaches and again at the Clearwater half. I did a double-take the first time saw him; there’s no way that a guy could be running in flip-flops! Does he always run in them?

    Good luck at Disney when you do decide to sign-up for it, and may it not be hot and humid come race day.

    I remember you leaving a comment sometime ago–maybe last year, but I never realized that you had a blog until someone clicked on the 13.1 miles link yesterday.


  4. H3Dakota says:

    Yes, he always runs in flip flops – he would run barefoot but for the damage his feet would suffer. He believes that many injuries suffered by runners today are caused by the shoes. A theory, it seems, that is no longer considered so “out there” (hence the new Nike ‘barefoot running’ shoes & the like). I came across him during the winter, running in nothing but flip flops and swimming trunks in temps of the low 40’s!

    Ah, yes, my blog – recently filled with 2 of my latest obsessions, knitting & running. If only I could sort out how to do both at the same time…. LOL!


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