Interesting start on the plan

Sunday I was wrapped up in trying to finish the other sock, which I accomplished on Monday.  I ended up getting in my 4 miles, but not until 8:30pm, when the sun went down finally.  I won’t be doing that again any time soon, as dinner really had my stomach talking – no…  yelling at me the entire way.   It was not pretty, but I made it & kept dinner down.

Monday was a rest day, but ran into not feeling well at all.  I got very little sleep Monday night because of that, so when the alarm went off Tuesday, I just could not stay awake.  I ended up taking the day off to rest & deal with not feeling well still.  Had 3 scheduled, but there just was no way I could handle that, doggone it.

I am still dog-ass tired today, not having slept well again last night.  But I am feeling a bit better, so I am going to do that 3 this morning – today was scheduled for rest, but I’m swapping the day with yesterday.  We’ll see how well I do, but it is bound to be better than Sunday’s 4 mile fiasco with the stomach troubles!

Progress on Potions Master is a bit slow, as I didn’t work on it yesterday.  I spent most of my waking hours reading instead.  Got pulled into another Harry Potter fan fiction.  *shrug*  It happens.  Didn’t get it done, though, so suspect I’ll be reading again this evening.  We shall see.  :)

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