Running & chew toys

Sweat dripping on my desk as I type this brief entry…  just returned from a slow 4 mile run.  Just couldn’t seem to pick up the pace this morning, probably because of taking a few days off from running.  Decided on this morning’s run to start on a basic marathon training plan.  Not that I have a marathon scheduled 18 weeks from now, mind you.  I just need to get back up to where I was a year ago for my own personal satisfaction.  I loved running long – and maybe someday, there is an ultra in my future?!  I seriously would love that, actually.  :D

So we have one working computer at home (being the quintessential geek, naturally I have another non-working one that I intend to rebuild when I have the time), the 3 of us tend to share it & my work laptop on off hours.  This weekend, I was hogging the home pc because of that fan fiction I’d posted about.  My oldest asked “Mom, where’s your laptop?”, to which I responded vaguely “oh, it’s around here somewhere” and didn’t give it any further thought.

Sunday afternoon.  My son comes in from the backyard, a look of trepidation on his face.  “Um, Mom?  I found your laptop.”  I turn to look at him…  there he stands, laptop bag in one hand, miscellenous items like paycheck stubs & my toothbrushing bag in the other.  Dirt, leaves & dead grass falling off the laptop bag.

In some perverse way, I actually would have really enjoyed Leonardo playing with that very heavy laptop bag.  I can see him now, gripping the handles in his mouth & flipping it up into the air.

Thank heaven I had zippered up the compartment where the laptop was – and I’m even more grateful that he didn’t bite down on that.  Imagine going to the boss & saying “Yeah, I need a new laptop because my dog ate the last one”..

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