New pattern available! Whew!

This one took me awhile… it was a big fight, but oddly enough, not in the areas that I had expected. My biggest struggle was with color work, which I had not expected at all. I have a ways to go before I’m ready for that, I reckon. My son loves the sock, though, & can’t wait for the second one. That one is progressing much faster, of course, as I don’t have to keep ripping back on it. He he he

So, without much further ado, here we have Viktor!

Viktor Pattern

Viktor front

It’s been put up for sale on Ravelry.

Next up: I’ve already cast on for Potions Master. I have a pattern charted already, but it remains to be seen whether my ideas are going to work or not. :)

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  1. peony67 says:

    Congratulations!!! It looks very good!


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