FanFic killed my Saturday!

So I finally finished A Summer Like No Other on Friday. The only thing that I didn’t like as much was the storytelling from Draco’s POV. He’s never been one of my favorite characters, actually. Severus Snape is my favorite, of course, but definitely not little rich spoiled prat Draco. he he he I absolutely loved her first one, A Year Like No Other – it’s a Snape adopts Harry fanfic. Quite well done, but there are some very disturbing scenes, a warning for the squeamish.

Saturday morning I made the mistake of deciding to give another writer a go. I literally read the entire story all day & night, finishing at 2am this morning. I have intentionally avoided the various “ship” fanfic stories, as they just haven’t seemed all that appealing. But, I must say.. this one was quite good. Clearly written by a Rickman fan, there are nods to Col. Brandon (‘Sense & Sensibility’) in several places that I could have done without. There were a couple clichés in the story, but easily overlooked. This one is Where Your Treasure Is, if anyone is interested. It’s a SS/HG, but it is not of the “adults only” variety – and the romantic aspect of the relationship doesn’t actually go anywhere until she is out of school.

So Viktor fits quite well, so I am binding off today, then adding the black to the heel flap. I tried doing the colorwork as I went, but I just haven’t got the skills necessary yet for it, I’m afraid. So it’s duplicate stitch for me! Hopefully it will not take too long & I can get the pattern written up & maybe even posted today. :D

Wanted to run yesterday, but my ankle/shin was a bit twingy, dammit. I’m not too sure about trying it today – will have to see how the day progresses. I’m quite tired, actually, having gotten to be at 3am and had the dogs waking me every hour from 4 on. Finally gave up on sleep at 8:30. *sigh*

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