Wildfires & running

So headed out in hopes of making another 5 miles this morning.  The temperature was perfect, just a wee bit on the cool side.  As I headed out, I had goosebumps, which is an excellent way to start off a run!

Unfortunately, the cooler temps were the result of a healthy wind blowing across the state…  and those winds brought the heavy smell of the wildfires along with them.  It just got to be too much, breathing in that smoky smell through the run.  I ended up with only 4 & a miserable 4 they were.

But hey, as someone pointed out to me earlier this week – it is still faster than the person sitting at home on the couch, yes?!

So I was pondering biographies, writing about one’s own life.  If I were to write my biography, it would really boil down to this:  I was born.  I played.  I laughed.  I cried.  I loved.  I grew.  I learned.  I will die.  It isn’t so much what we DO in this life, but what we have learned and it is the footprints that we leave in other lives that matter.

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  1. Isis says:

    Hey… I have been lurking here… kind of nice to be “in touch” with your life ! Been getting back into running myself, very cautiously. And telling myself exactly the same : what I do (2 miles, just 2 miles twice a week;..) is still more than all those people sitting on their couches at home ! Hah ! More power to jogsters !


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