More of the same

So, my oldest became interested in the Percy Jackson series since both my youngest & myself told him it was a really good series to read.  Unfortunately, the youngest had loaned out his copy of ‘The Lightening Thief’ to a friend…  so we ran over to Barnes & Noble to pickup another copy (the other one is pretty beat up anyway).  $80 later, we came out…  one book for me (the latest Gena Showalter, an excellent writer), 3 books for the oldest and 6 for the youngest.  I had to drag him out of the store, which gave me endless pleasure, actually.  That is how it used to be – my kids dragging ME out because they had no interest in reading.  Thank You, Rick Riordan!!

Huge progress on Viktor – I need to take photos, I know.  I do have to rip back some, as I didn’t start the gusset work soon enough, so the heel flap would be far too short for what I need to do, dammit.  Ah well, this pattern is one that I’ve ripped back on more times than I can count!  In the end, it’s going to be worth it, I think.  I really do like how it looks so far, I’m very pleased with it.

Got in a slow 3 miles this morning.  Disappointing in that it was slow, but it was good to get 3 done.  One of these days, I’m going to avoid the computer in the morning & get myself out the door quicker so I can run longer!!  LOL

Heading off to rip that sock…  *sniffle, sniffle*

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