My new pattern

So I’m designing my next pair of socks… well, actually, I already have another Severus Snape pattern charted out, I just haven’t tested the pattern to see if it will work or not. BUT, my youngest has only one pair of socks to my oldest’s two… so he’s overdue his 2nd pair of socks.

My boys are very clear in what they like & what they don’t like. My oldest loves blue – so all his socks will be having some focus on blue. Except for the orange/green socks I’ll be making him to wear to school events (his high school colors). My youngest is a red/black fanatic. Everything he wears/owns is red, black or some combination of them. Occasionally with some white thrown in, but usually not. he he he

So, the sock pattern I’m working now is for him, so is red & black. These are also a Harry Potter theme, of course. I’ve tentatively named the pattern Viktor, as in Viktor Krum. I’m having fun with it, trying out different ideas. They have to be somewhat masculine in design, of course, so no lace or eyelets. Naturally, I’ll be making the first sock a “normal” length for the pattern pictures & writing of the pattern. But for my son, I’ll have to rip back and turn them into no-show anklets. Neither of my boys will wear socks that show above their shoes, go figure! LOL

Work has been really crazy lately, I’ve been working pretty much every day for the past 3? 4? weeks? I’ve lost track. It’ll be crazy for the next week, then I am really hoping to get some breathing room.

My oldest went for his learner’s permit test this afternoon. I kept telling him he needed to study, but he didn’t listen. Missed passing by ONE measly little point. Poor kid! I know he was upset, but I actually thought he handled it pretty well. Needless to say, you can guess what he’s doing tonight, as he hopes to try again tomorrow.

Just got done watching The Search for John Gissing. Hysterically funny movie! :)

Off to work on the pattern more.

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