Shoes are not toys!

Aaarrgghh! I had just sat down to start my blog for today & I suddenly hear this squeaky rip/chew sound. It’s Leonardo, all over one of my sneakers. Trust me on this one, a 200+ lb Great Dane can demolish a good shoe in 30 seconds flat. So I just found myself snatching the shoe from him & scolding him: “Shoes are NOT toys”, as if he understood what I was saying. *shaking head* In true Dane fashion, he is sadly sulking on his blanky now because I yelled at him.

So, the new pattern. I’ve tried this & that with it, trying so hard to sort out a way to have vertical black stripes on either side of the sock. It just wasn’t working out too well, though, so I decided to hold off on that idea for these socks. My son really wants them red, anyway – though I am definitely going to keep the heel flap as planned, with the black design. I think I’m liking how it’s going now that I’ve stopped trying to keep the stripes in the pattern.

I got 4 miles done yesterday, YAY! Not at my best speed, naturally. I’m still going so darn slow. But at least my legs feel just fine, no sign of the tendinitis creeping back. Had a bit of stiffness in my knee that surprised me, but it feels good today. Mile 3, I felt like I’d found my stride & could keep on going. So I’m going to try to keep the runs at 4 miles or more, if I can. We shall see, anyway. Can’t wait for the day when I can do another 20 mile long run!!  LOL, yeah I know…  some folks probably think I’m insane, but at least any fellow long distance runners can totally relate!

So, my boys absolutely love their Ripsticks – so much so, that they tear through wheels like there is no tomorrow. It’s amazing, really. For those of you unfamiliar with these, this is a Ripstick:

Essentially, they are like a skateboard combined with an inline skate, if you will.

My youngest pointed out that I seriously needed to read the bottom of his Ripstick when he first came home with it (his father bought them each their own). Ayup. He had that devilish grin that told me I was going to get a good laugh out of it. Sure enough, check it out…

Gee, for some odd reason, the song ‘Warning’ by Green Day just won’t leave my brain… LOL!

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