Gearing up on Amazon

So the fam is getting ready for our annual camping trip in a couple of weeks – YES! I haven’t had a vacation in almost 2 years, so I’m really looking forward to it. The manlets & I have gone camping for years, so we have all the necessary gear for us…  except the problem this time is that there will be 8 of us instead of 3! So, I’ve been shopping like mad with Amazon to get ready. First, we needed another tent – we have 2 that both sleep 6-8, but that means comfy for 3 or 4 – plus, some of us want a bit more privacy.  LOL

Next up, waterproofing for the new tent, a new, bigger coffee pot (coffee is the elixir of life, after all!) and most importantly, a portable charger for all the electronics!  ;)

The best purchase of all, though, isn’t for the camping trip. It’s for home & should arrive any minute now. The geek found this absolute jewel of a coffee maker & bought it for his place. I’ve totally fallen in love with it & just had to have one for home as well. Seriously, this thing is AWESOME. I cannot recommend it enough!  ♥


(Yes, I skipped running, stupid toe!)…

Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen – I am a bad, bad Floridian in that I had not yet read any of his novels. LOL! I thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious mystery that takes you from South Florida to the Bahamas in its telling. The monkey? Yes, quite bad & totally needs to be featured in more stories.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer – Cinderella retold with Cinderella as a cyborg?!  ZOMG, you know I’m all over that!! It is a YA novel, but honestly – it is not written overwhelmingly as one & easily kept me hooked & enjoying the story. Cinder is not your typical teenage girl in that she’s mature, brilliant, a mechanic & a cyborg with no googly-eyes-making at the boys. I loved this story so much that I immediately began the follow up story, Scarlet.


I’ve mostly been working on my stashbusting projects, but I also have this sweater OTN – I’m down to the sleeves now.  Some time ago, I’d knit a Weasley sweater for the Pixie. weasleyHer sister recently saw a picture of it & asked if she could get one too. She’s Ravenclaw too, w00t!  Ooops, I accidentally bought enough yarn for TWO sweaters.

I’m very happy to knit for her, as she’s agreed to Dane-sit for us while we are camping.  That’s a pretty big job, but she’s the perfect person for it, as Leonardo already adores her. As a few of my other kids already know, he’s pretty picky about people & can be a downright crotchety old man.

P.S. I came across this post on creating a chart for your own letter – it’s awesome & works PERFECTLY.

Today’s Ravelry Search

I had fun trying some other search methods today & found some patterns I’ve not seen before. :)

* I love the flower squares, so cute! Go check out the different projects, there are a couple bags that are also awesome!

Amazing colorwork on these socks!!


I really love the colorful garter stitch shawls. I should make myself one some day. LOL!

* SO damn cute! I can think of a person or two that might like one of these.

* I am always so amazed when someone puts up such fantastic colorwork patterns for free!

We were just talking about this pattern at knit night last week! It’s SO gorgeous.

A perfect example of a pattern in which the right yarn simply MUST be used to fully show off the pattern. :)

*Free pattern

Happy Wednesday all! I’m heading to knit night tonight.  :)

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