What a Crazy Month!

Work has been crazy busy this past month, plus we had birthday celebrations, prom and  graduation!prom2013

As you can see, he chose not to walk, just like his brother. We still went to graduation because his girlfriend & all but one of his group of friends did walk. Thought I was going to get out of going, LOL!

Next up on the agenda: family camping trip! It’s going to be so much fun, it’s the first time with my geek & all my kids (mine as well as my unofficially adopted ones, LOL).


Well, no running, if course, still have that stupid broken toe I’m dealing with. Tried a mile walk a week ago, but suffered the following day. Sigh.


Yes, I have been reading more, yay! The advantage of not running, I suppose.  :D

Under the Dome by Stephen King – my book club decided to read this one before the series starts up on TV. From what I’ve read, the show is going to really expand upon King’s original idea – not eliminating the dome at the end of this season, as it ends in the book. As my friend Wendy said, it’s one really long case of rubbernecking. It’s driving along a 60 car pileup where you find yourself asking “when is this tragedy going to ever end?!”…  but it is a story that sucks you in at the same time.

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier – ooh, a novel about people that spontaneously travel back in time? You know I’m all over that! This book is a fun YA read that leaves you kind of in the middle of the story – it’s short & I suspect that the trilogy put together would have made a just right lengthy novel. At the same time, I loved it.

The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch – a bit slow to start with a bit more detail about life in 1600s Germany than one would like, it’s another story that sucks you in & leaves you satisfied in the end. A murder mystery with a good portion of witch hunting tossed in for good measure (it IS the 1600s!), it actually features the Hangman, not so much his daughter. If anything, that would be my biggest disappointment, that she wasn’t more of a central character to the story.


I decided to start working on clearing out the closet a week ago & came upon a ridiculous amount of acrylic yarns that have grown over the years. So, time for some heavy duty stashbusting again! LOL I thought I’d gotten rid of most of it with the manlet’s blanket, but no, not even close. Here is #1 of the ‘clearing the closet stash’ projects:

Today’s Ravelry Search

Time for some summer fun!

*Beach blanket!

* Such a cute top, I don’t know why there aren’t more projects for it!

Super cute top, thanks to Wendy for pointing it out! :)

Really great beachy type shawl!

* Beach bag! I love the book pocket, awesome. :)

* ZOMG, so cute!!

Daisies! Plus the pattern is a very reasonable price. ♥

Awwww, so cute!!

* Free pattern

What fun do you have planned this summer?

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1 Response to What a Crazy Month!

  1. Lita says:

    Love the family pictures. Hope the toe is much better, good luck on the running. I have been knitting a lot and reading.

    The knitting is an obsession I have with the log cabin pattern but I modified the center block to a 15 to 20 inch square with the logs around it. The center I try to make interesting with metallic, Mylar (think baby yarn with the shiny strand) or variegated yarn.

    I have been borrowing audio books and playing them while I knit. I have read a couple of Jack Reacher books and I am hooked. Enjoyed hearing your adventures.

    No running on my part but when out shopping I try to make at least one lap of each store, I do better walking on the flat surface.

    I always love the pattern part of your blog. They are always interesting, this week I saved the beach bag pattern. I think I will make it with the large pocket on the inside for my nook, to give it a little more protection.


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