Sometimes It’s the Simple Things

So I have this fun new cube neighbor sitting directly across from me. He’s a fellow Who fan, though I don’t count him as a full fan yet because he’s only ever watched reboot Who. He did win bonus points for laughter though, the day he saw my “David Tennant is my Doctor” t-shirt he had a thunderstruck expression on his face as he realized that I have the same last name.

He came in to work a few weeks ago, waving about an empty Amazon shipping box. He asked “how do you like my fancy new riser for my MacBook?”  My answer? “Oooh, that’s awesome! You can have so much fun with that, it’s all customizable & everything – all you need are some new skins for it!”  Yeah, we’re geeks, d’uh.  :D

I may have used an image similar to this to create a new skin that I plan to “install” for him when I arrive in the office tomorrow morning. *whistling innocently*  A-hem…  if you look closely at this post, you might see a glimpse.  LOL


Ugh, I’ve been struck with a days-long migraine, so no progress on that front. As soon as this bad boy is gone, though, look out!  LOL


Love You More by Lisa Gardner – as a page turner, this story mostly satisfies. I really enjoyed the character of Tessa – state trooper, tough woman who loves her child Sophie more than anything. You know that her husband was shot from the beginning – but why? By whom? That’s the mystery in this story, along with what happened to the now missing Sophie. The downside of the book? The lead detective – D.D. Warren – one of the more unlikeable characters I’ve come across. She has a serious chip on her shoulder & decides from the very beginning that Tessa killed her husband & child – so every shred of evidence uncovered, she works at speculating how it points the blame squarely at Tessa.


DSC_0100I finished up the manlet’s fuzzy mitts this weekend. He seems to be happy with them, outside of the fingers being just a bit tight (though he would have complained even more if they had been loose instead, LOL).

I also knit a wee heart to leave at my geek’s place as a surprise, as he had to go to work for the day. Boo for our weekend getting cut short, but yay for an awesomely cute pattern!

Today’s Ravelry Search

In keeping with the theme, sometimes, a simple garter stitch pattern is just what the doctor ordered for some “comfort knitting” – a bit of mindless TV watching, book reading knitting that results in a smooshy & comforting fabric! ;) These are all free patterns via Ravelry…

So many cute projects!

I love this picture, with the colorful blanket in the background…

I’m not a big cowl fan, but this pattern is awesome! Plus, hello? Packers colors on this project!! :D

The baby blanket from Once Upon a Time – sweet!!

OMG, so cute!!

And, hey – super cute one for adults!

Not quite as smooshy as Checkerboard, but still very comfy looking slippers!

The bias makes this bag look quite cool!

I love these!

I adore this pattern as well!

I’ve posted this one before, but seriously – who can resist this picture?!

Of course, a post about garter stitch patterns would not be complete without the Doctor Who scarf! This one is mine & is only 8″ wide instead of the more accurate 10-12″.

Did you spot the Angels?  :D

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