Happy Making

YES. Filming has begun.


Hmmph. I was planning to get in a good 4 mile run today, but the weather does not look to be cooperating with me at all! Guess I’ll have to drag my geek out for a run tomorrow instead. :)


Well…  I’ve cast on for the manlet’s mitts, anyway. LOL I’ve been reading a book that completely sucked me in, though, so I haven’t been knitting. It happens. :D

Today’s Ravelry Search

With all my talk about how much I love brightly colored afghans/blankets, I realized that I haven’t done a post with a focus on just those. So, here you go, some truly fun & gorgeous patterns to go fave!

No post about gorgeous afghans could leave out Woolly Thoughts. Their patterns are AMAZING. :)

This pattern is brand new this month on Ravelry – isn’t it awesome?

* Falling leaf blanket – lovely!

* Seriously stunning – and would take a tremendous amount of patience!

I have this kit & will absolutely be knitting it! ♥

Very pretty!!

I really love the Great North American Afghan patterns, SO awesome!

* LOVE the colors!

It’s a simple pattern, but only $2.00 – and the funds get donated to a food bank! ♥

Just, wow, just gorgeous.

* This pattern is amazing – check out all the different variations you can create with it!

I love this one.

* The classic Sock Yarn Blanket. I really need to get back to mine!

* WOW! I love this designer’s patterns. This one is amazing!

* Cute stitch pattern! Love it.

* Could not resist this pattern for the list!

* Free pattern

Do you have a favorite colorful afghan project/pattern?

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  1. peony67 says:

    I look away for a few days (Kim’s visit and uni9 and look, a buncs of posts! I am happy about the new Sherlock, and those blankets are…gorgeous! One of these days I might end up making one too…(too bad there are so many shawls and sweaters to knit before that


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