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As you may (or not) know, I have a Kindle Fire. I’m still utterly in love with it.  :D  I also really enjoy listening to audiobooks while I’m doing other things (knitting mostly, but also when I’m waiting for code to compile, wanting to drown out super noisy cube neighbors, etc.).

Imagine my delight when Amazon introduced Whispersync – you can read a book on your Kindle AND have the Audible version of the book – and now they will stay in sync! So…  I could be reading my book, then have to go to work – so I can just start up the Audible app on my phone or Kindle, sync to my book & start listening right where I left off reading!  How awesome is that?

The best part is that there are 10 books that you can get right now for free, both the Kindle version AND the Audible version to give it a try!  I grabbed The Three Musketeers, myself.  All 10 free sets are classic & in the public domain – so truthfully, SHOULD be free anyway…  but I also just got both copies of a new book, 14 by Peter Clines, for a pretty nice price too -$7.99 for the Kindle version and then $1.99 for the Audible version. SWEET!


Yes, I actually started up my Temperature Scarf yesterday.  :D  I couldn’t help it. I went the inexpensive, washable route for this one & got all my colors in soft acrylic yarns. I do love wool, but it isn’t so practical for Florida. I can only wear my beloved Doctor Who scarf so many days of the year – it’s just not cold enough any other time for it! LOL

Please excuse the cell phone shot, but you get the idea!  And yes, that IS my Kindle in the top right corner…  ;)

Today’s Ravelry Search

Keeping to the same theme…  ;)

* 2010 Lace Knitter’s Advent Calendar

* What a fun looking pattern!

* 2012 Advent (there are several & they are all gorgeous!)

* Mystery Blanket! :)

* 2010 Advent Calendar

* I do love the annual square-a-longs. :)

* 2011 Advent Calendar

* This one would be a lovely way to use up your lace leftovers!

* What a pretty idea for this advent scarf! Love it!

* Free Pattern

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

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  1. Bente89 says:

    I love that you are back! :D I have been reading all of your old posts while you’ve been “gone”, and you have been giving me allot of ideas for crochet projects! :) I will keep on following you :)
    – Norwegian girl, 23 :)


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