When It Rains, It Pours!


I have managed to sneak in a run or three here & there.  Nothing too much exciting to write about, though.  The usual 3 mile run, in my vibrams.  I’ve decided to get the next size up, as this size is fine for short runs, but when I go for 5 milers, my toes start to feel a bit put upon.  A little bit more room in the shoe would go a long way towards helping that, I think.  Next time, I’m going to see if I can find an all black pair.  :)

Had an unplanned 2 mile run this morning, as I took the car down to the mechanic.  His father wasn’t in yet to give me a lift home, so I just ran back home the 2 miles.  It was a bit awkward as I had dressed for the cold: sweat pants, 2 sweatshirts & a wool hat.  I also had my wallet, keys & blackberry to deal with, but I managed!  I got home before his Dad was even scheduled to show up for work, so it was all good.

When It Rains, It Pours

Oh, the car is at the mechanic’s shop, you say?  Yes, for the second time this week.  On our foray out to pick up a new computer for home, the car overheated.  We put half a gallon of water in it & the temp seemed fine.  Made it to just outside of my office when it stalled, then ran really rough.  I got it pulled into a parking space at work & it quit again.  Seems the overheating problem exacerbated the low oil problem.  Yes, yes – I am just as bad at forgetting to feed my car as I am at feeding myself.  At least the car warned me this time instead of just going kaplooie.  While the mechanic had the car, I had him check the CV axles because I knew there was a problem there again – that lovely creaking/grinding sound whenever I turned left was a dead giveaway.  He never did find a leak, the hoses & radiator were all fine – so it was just the oil and both CV axles had to be replaced (which is so not cheap!!).

I got the car back on Wednesday and headed out for knit night that evening.  It was cold, so I flipped on the heat.  Within 2-3 minutes, the temp gauge spiked up towards the danger zone!  WTF?!  So yeah, it’s back with my awesome mechanic to have the thermostat checked out now.  Yeesh!

However – the happy news is that I have a nice shiny new computer w/an awesome  monitor!  And I will totally be having myself a happy Doctor Who marathon on it shortly.  As soon as today is done with, most likely.  LOL


I’m making slow but sure progress on the Hacky Sack Hoodie!  YAY!  I finished the body completely & had to pick up the stitches for the sleeves.  That was quite the challenge for me, as I decided I wanted to knit the sleeves two at a time, magic loop, so as to ensure they were exactly even.  Not to mention they are going to have to be SO freaking long that I knew they would seem to last forever.  LOL  I think I got the stitches on the needles the right way after about 4 attempts.  But, I finally managed & have been moving along quite nicely with them!  I’m happy with them – and I love how the colors are striping – check them out!

Today’s Ravelry Search

So today’s patterns are all in the results when I searched for “car”.  Lots of cute things for kids & babies, for sure!  ;)  Remember, none of these are mine – click the photo to go to the Ravelry pattern page.

* Adorable little hats!

* Pretty little car seat blanket!

SO freaking cute!! :D

* Adorable! Vintage car coat!

And a nice, thick car coat for Mom too!

* A crochet version of the car seat blanket!

* Cable car socks! Simple but nice looking!

* Oh now, this is just too cute for words! Adorable knit for a baby girl!

Steering wheel cozy! I need to make one for mine, actually.

Oooh, I love this crochet bag! ;)

* TurtleGirl's Car Socks! She is teh ossom, I had the pleasure of meeting her at SAFF last year. :)

* I love this blanket. I am definitely going to make this one at some point!

* OMG, seriously, how cute is this tea cozy?? :D

* Another steering wheel cozy, cool!

* Ded. Ded from teh cute!

* SO cute!! Pockets! :D

* Oh man, I wish I'd found these sooner, my friend could use them in her truck! These are actually tunisian crochet - LOVE!

* And a knit version! ;)

* Free pattern

Happy Friday, all!

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  1. peony67 says:

    sorry about your car…When I hear things like this, I don’t even mind I don’t have one…
    The hoodie looks great, you are doing it so fast!

    Oh, and that jacket, just looks great… I wanna make it :-)


    • H3Dakota says:

      *grin* I thought you might want to knit that one!! ;) I’ve finished with the color stripes on the sleeves now & have moved on to the black. I’m really hoping to bind off today!


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