About Me

Just the occasional ramblings of a workaholic programmer training off & on for the first marathon, knitting & designing patterns, single parenting and sharing tidbits about life with a Great Dane. I’ve been told that I haven’t got very much information on this page… but seriously – I have 2 teenage boys & all my time is spent working, running, knitting, reading – all while also being a taxi driver, ATM, study partner, coach & all around “mean” Mom. What more needs to be said?! LOL

FYI – my kids teasingly call me “mean” when I don’t let them get away with murder. They also take great joy in teasing me about the fact that I do NOT actually yell at them. I get quieter when I discipline them, they say. Hmmm. Well, I will admit that does happen occasionally, but I can sure think of a time or two when I’ve actually yelled too.

As a total & complete geek, nothing makes me laugh more than this…  :D

Tell us what you really think!

6 Responses to About Me

  1. DENISE in Louisville, KY says:

    Came upon your site via Ravelry.com. Knitting bug has bitten me again; it usually happens every 2 years or so. I was meandering thru the internet and came upon your site. I think it was some baby booties I was looking at that lead me here. I never remember how I gotfrom point a to point b on the net! lol lol Am going to bookmark your site and savor all the beautiful knitting projects you are doing. Thanks for allowing me to be a visitor.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Oh, thank you so much! :) Ravelry is a fantastic site that will probably keep your knitting bug around for a long time. It certainly has for me, anyway! LOL


  2. I love your blog, so many ideas and so much inspiration!


  3. Isabell says:

    I love your patterns but it am interested in the “your not the boss of me headband” but can’t find how to download the PDFs for the pattern! Help!


  4. CAFinNY says:

    Greetings! My daughter is running in the Utica Boilermaker & I plan on making your Smidge Headband for her. Do you have a gauge or how wide it’s supposed to be? Since I wanted to make it in cotton, I got some baker’s cotton…I don’t think wool would work well!


    • H3Dakota says:

      I usually knit it in sock yarn, it runs about an inch to an inch & a half wide – the baker’s cotton would likely result in a slightly more narrow headband. Hope that helps! :)

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