Keeping this post short & sweet today. I was in need of some happy-making tonight, as I’ve made the mistake of catching up on the news around the world.


Well…  no running whatsoever for the past week, nor will there be any for a few more weeks in my future. A week ago, clumsy me managed to stub my baby toe on a concrete edger – and the snap was so loud, I heard it clearly. Another broken toe for she-who-shall-never-be-called-Grace.


The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells – yes, I know – how did I go so long without reading this one before now? Too many books, not enough time! LOL I really loved this story, it was much darker than I had imagined, but not with too much drama/details like a modern day version would likely have. Succinct & gripping.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad – another classic, yes! This one was free last month via Amazon – whispersync with a special Audible version read by Kenneth Branagh. His narration was so fantastic that I didn’t even bother pulling out my Kindle to read it – I just kept listening to it instead! I cannot recommend this version enough.

Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton – OMG. So good. I loved this retelling of Beowulf. After reading this one, naturally I had to watch the movie (The 13th Warrior), which I also liked – though not as much as the book.  :)


I’ve also been busy in this area, yay! I finished the crocheted baby blanket as well as some birthday gifts – 2 knit & felted bags & a special geeky pillow. I also have another bag crocheted that I need to sew up yet.  Oh yeah – and I knit/felted an oven mitt for the manlet!


Today’s Ravelry Search

Happy-making.  :)

* Hedgehogs always make me smile.

* ADORABLE elephants!!

I wish I drank tea just so I could knit this one!

You all know how much I love owls – this wee family is uber adorable!

Squeee!! It’s a penguin! In a hat & scarf! Ded from teh cute.

* If this penguin in her bunny hat doesn’t make you smile, you haz your serious grouchy pants on!

* I’ve linked this one before, but really, how could I not? It’s freaking adorable!!

* Really cute bracelet!

* It’s a puppeh. IN A JET PACK. Definitely happy-making.

* I need some of these in my house.

Sometimes it’s the simple patterns with awesome colors that just do it for us.

* Happy making also means geeky in my book!

Gnome home!! SO cute – the pattern includes instructions for knitting & felting a tiny gnome to fit inside! ♥

* Free pattern

What is happy-making for you?

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4 Responses to Happy-Making

  1. That tea cozy is AMAZING!


  2. Lita says:

    So sorry about the toe, reminded me of when my Mother would tell me she should have named me Grace. Evidently giving you time to work with yarn.

    I always love your craft picks, this week I looked at those crocheted flowers and told the dog, those had to be Lucy at Attic24, I love her designs and color choices, they are always so happy. And happy was the theme of today’s pattern picks.

    Hope you feel better soon.


    • H3Dakota says:

      Thanks! I was able to get a shoe on the other day and the limp is nearly gone. Now I just have to wait until I can run again. LOL


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