The Heinz 57 of Blog Posts

The Heinz 57 of Blog Posts

Hmm, being so busy that there isn’t enough time to post more often is not a good thing! I’ve got such a hodge-podge of things to post about that my brain is kind of going in circles. ROFL! In the past month, I’ve been crazy busy: planning a shower, knit several projects, designed a hat, had one vehicle break down, saw Avengers (SO awesome!), a newly engaged manlet, helping my guy get ready to move across the Bay to my side, totally gave up all gluten, read 20 books…  well, you get the idea.  LOL!


In the midst of all that activity, I HAVE managed to get in a few runs. :) Nothing spectacular though & I admit that a certain someone has made it seriously difficult to get out of bed at 5am to go for a run.

I’ve also pulled out the old Tae-Bo videos to get back to that again. Love him or hate him, Billy Blanks DOES get your butt moving & sweating. he he he


Oh good heavens, I am NOT going to list all 20 books that I’ve read here. ROFL! Here are just a couple highlights. Audiobooks are a wonderful thing & have been the ticket for me to get more done in a day than I normally could!  ;)

  • Playing for Pizza by John Grisham – If you are like most people, when you hear Grisham, you immediately think legal thriller. I know I did. LOL My guy strongly recommended this one to me & he was totally right – I loved it. It is a total departure from Grisham’s usual genre, so no legalize, no thriller style events. Just good old American style football & some mouthwatering descriptions of the food & wine of Italy.
  • Brother Odd by Dean Koontz – I’d read Odd Thomas years ago when it first came out, but I hadn’t kept up with the series. I’ve now fixed that little problem & am all caught up to Odd’s latest escapades. Brother Odd is definitely tied with Odd Thomas for my favorite novels of the series!
  • Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein – I know, I know…  I’ve been horribly remiss in my Sci-Fi reading in that I’ve not actually sat down with all of the Heinlein books I’ve got in my library. I totally loved this story – what a perfect book to start off reading Heinlein!  ;)


I have definitely been knitting up a storm too. I knit 3 hats, a pair of slippers, a pair of booties & am working on a sweater/shrug. Whew!  The most fun project was the one that I designed for my friend, who is a big time cat lover. It took me a couple times to knit it to get it right, but I’m super pleased with the result! So, here are some of the things I’ve gotten done…

I figured out how to knit these adorable booties from the pictures provided with the pattern. SO cute!

The hat I designed for my friend! I had so much fun with this one. :)  Kitteh Love Beret – the pattern page on Ravelry!

Today’s Ravelry Search

I just scrolled through the recent patterns today to see what caught my eye…  :)  None of these are mine – just click the picture to go right to the Ravelry page.

WOW. Just WOW. :)

* OMG, so cute!!

* Another terrific pattern for stashbusting all those leftover bits of sock yarn!

* SUPER cute idea for a girl’s room!

Seriously, how could this photo NOT catch your eye? SO adorable.

Mel! Mel! I know you will love this one! :D

I love Ysolda Teague’s designs. They catch my eye every time, I swear! :)

* Blink. WOW – and the pattern is free!! Awesome.

I’m strange – I love double knit! This scarf is so damn cute. :)

* I LOVE this pattern. That is all.

Another beautifully eye catching pattern! Simple, but bold. Excellent.

Did I squee when I saw these guys? You bet your geeky ass I did!! ♥♥♥

*Free pattern

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!  :)

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2 Responses to The Heinz 57 of Blog Posts

  1. Lita Jones says:

    I love to hear from you when ever you are able. I love your passion for books. Today I love your projects and saved the afghan made from diagonal strips. Even with the directions in German, it should be hard to duplicate in any weight yarn. I saved that one. I wish you well with all that is going on in your life,


    • H3Dakota says:

      Yes, I thought that afghan would be pretty easy to figure out, it doesn’t look too complicated! :) I found Google translate to be clunky & incorrect, but it worked well enough that I was able to sort out the Zapatitos pattern from Spanish to English.


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